Mar 23, 2015

18 The Lost Windscreen Squeegee

A weathered bronze or copper coloured sedan drove close to my side. The male driver signaled to me with a wave. I slowed my little black car and moved to the left to allow him to overtake. At the same time, I grumbled under my breath, "No patience, mehh." My aunt, who was beside me, agreed.

I had just gotten my car washed and had the petrol tank filled at a BP petrol station nearby. It was one of my most pleasant experience. A friendly petrol attendant had readily placed the pump into my car. He then proceeded to clean my windscreen. The enthusiastic guy even waved us goodbye. We responded in kind. I left impressed.

I slowly eased my car out onto the busy junction, and had just turned onto the main road when I realised that the man in the bronze car had stopped by the roadside, and was still signaling to me, now with more frantic waving as I looked at him via my rear-view mirror.

"Uh-oh ", my heart raced and I thought to myself, "Was something wrong with my car? " I swerved onto the emergency lane and got out.

Someone lost his windscreen squeegee!

NoooOoo... the petrol attendant had left his windscreen squeegee on the roof of my car! I threw it into the back seat and sped off as a honking truck drove up behind us...on the emergency lane, I add! GRrrr!

We laughed after that but it bugged me that I didn't have the opportunity to thank the Good Samaritan in person. I hope he knows that I am grateful for his concern. I could  have been driving at a faster speed and it could  have hit the car behind. I could  have inadvertently caused an accident. The could-s!

Well, what's next? To return the lost windscreen squeegee to the rightful owner, of course. I'm pretty sure he's worried about it since it may be deducted off his next paycheck.

Mar 7, 2015

34 Sau Tao Scallop Noodles - I say Yum!

March 5 marked the 15th night of Chinese New Year, famously referred to as Chap Goh Meh  over at our corner of the world. For us, this occasion is usually celebrated with prayers and an elaborate meal with the family.

I settled for a simple dinner instead. Something out of a hamper, after being drawn to Google's feature story on instant noodle inventor, Momofuku Ando, who was also key in introducing cup noodles to the market.

I have always considered instant noodles one of the seven wonders of the food world considering its importance to disaster relief efforts and the lift it has given to broke college students. I remember the moments I have hallelujah-ed over finding a packet of noodles in my kitchen cabinet after a long day at work, followed by the long commute home.

This is what I made for dinner that evening ~ Instant scallop noodles topped with fish maw and pacific clams. All three items, from a hamper I received.

Scallop Noodles and Pacific Clams

A little about what Sau Tao Scallop instant noodles look like before I sent it to the stove.

Sau Tao Scallop Noodle

It comes with a sachet of sauce with olive oil. Righttt... 'sauce' can mean anything. The back of the box states - ginger, oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish powder, scallop powder, sugar, salt. That's the essence of it.

Scallop noodles and a sachet of sauce.

Boil the noodles for two minutes. Drain the water away. Toss the noodles in a strainer for good measure. Put the noodles into a deep bowl, pour the sauce in and using chopsticks, give it a mad stir!

Cooked scallop noodles with sauce.

I wasn't expecting this one to taste amazing so I had prepared my own pumpkin sauce (with pacific clams and fish maw) in advance. So much for being positive ...that, or I'm just being greedy. I think I was greedy. The noodles would have looked too plain.

My honest opinion? It was yum on its own! A springy noodle with robust flavours. They've got the seasoning down to a pat.

Sau Tao Scallop Instant Noodles

Where have you been all my life... I have to go thank the person who gave me this! Not that I haven't, but this requires a second thank-you.


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