Jun 20, 2018

12 Kampar : Yau Kee Restaurant's Chicken Curry Bread

Some call it 'Golden Pillow Bread', some call it 'Jumbo Curry Bun'. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, a chicken curry bun by any other name would taste as delicious.

Continuing from my previous post on Kampar, where we quenched our thirst on a refreshing tall iced drink - The six of us decided on light lunch after that huge drink. Just a short distance away, is Yau Kee Restaurant, an eatery famous for their curry chicken buns. My cousin mentioned that they sell mutton curry buns too. I would have loved trying that one but there's only so much that my tummy can fit in. Haha!

Surprisingly, jumbo chicken curry buns are a thing in Kampar. Googling for food to try here, I found four places selling it. Besides Yau Kee, there's Kam Ling Restaurant, Jia Kampar and CB Kampar.

Yau Kee Restaurant, Kampar - Chicken Curry Bread

We sat in the air-con area and ordered one to try along with other dishes. Food was served quickly. We counted our blessings that we had stepped in here just before 12PM. A couple of buses stopped in front and soon the restaurant was filled with tourists!

Chicken Curry Bread For The Tourists!

The fried mantou and braised pork belly (pictured below) was pretty delicious but no match for the large curry bread, excitement-wise.

Yau Kee Restaurant, Kampar

Just before serving, the top of the bread is brushed with melted butter. The waitress alerted us to get our cameras ready if we were keen to snap pics of the bread being cut open, which we were. Lol, 'tourist' - I point at myself.

Chicken Curry Bread
Yau Kee Restaurant, Kampar

We dug in excitedly, tearing the bread off the sides and dipped it into the curry. The texture, taste and aroma is reminiscent of bread made in the olden days. It was so satisfying to eat. The chicken curry is a delicious match! 

After that yummy lunch, we made our way to CB Kampar, a local snack shop located just a street away. But this is a story for another day, another blog post ;)
Restoran Yau Kee

Address: 55 & 57, Jalan Idris, Kampung Masjid, 31900 Kampar, Negeri Perak, Malaysia.
Hours: Closes 10PM
Telephone: +6 05 - 465 1738

Jun 18, 2018

16 Happy Dumpling Festival!

Dumpling Day is here and typical me purchased a few to savour. I like joining in the fun! I do the same for Mooncake Day and have my tang yuans on Winter Solstice Festival.

I got these rice dumplings from a roadside stall at Restoran DU Cafe, Dataran Sunway. This uncle sells local kuih and cakes but on this particular weekend, his table was loaded with bak changs and nothing else.  

Roadside Stall at Restoran DU Cafe, Dataran Sunway

There are several varieties of sticky rice dumplings out there ranging from sweet to savoury - my favourite is those with meat filling, like the one pictured below.

Sticky Rice Dumpling

Rice Dumpling with Meat and Bean Filling

I don't think I've ever tasted a bak chang I didn't like so I'm warning you now - I should be the last person you think of to ask for an opinion on where to get the best. Haha!

We are like dumplings. We have different ingredients in us. That's what makes us a dumpling. That's what makes us unique - Ryan Hu

Happy Dumpling Day!

Jun 14, 2018

8 Kampar : The Very Tall Ice Blended Drinks

It's been a couple of years since mum's passing. My dad, now in his mid-seventies, told me that at first it felt like this loss was his alone. It took awhile but one day it hit him that many people around us have lost their loved ones too. Seeing them pick their lives up gave my dad the strength to keep going.

My brother has been encouraging dad to visit his hometown for the longest time. Dad upped and left the sleepy town of Kampar for East Malaysia in his early twenties, got married and stayed put.

He hasn't seen our Kampar relatives for many years. Anyway, he hadn't been ready until last month when I asked him if he'd like to join the lot of us on a trip to Lost World of Tambun. Us, being my aunt and cousins. When he said yes, I arranged for a short stop there. That's how we ended up savouring Kampar's yummiest food.

The first thing we did when we arrived was quench our thirst with tall ice blended drinks at Pusat Penjaja Kampar aka Medan Selera Kampar (along Jalan Masjid), Stall 25.  

We ordered mango and dragonfruit.

Ice Blended Mango, Medan Selera Kampar

"No sugar," added my aunt.

"Cannot, cannot! It won't turn out," argued the fierce lady taking our order. She explained that without it, the drink will not hold as high.

"Okaylah, okaylah. Less sugar!" we convinced her with many smiles. She warmed up to us and was soon cracking a few jokes with our gang.

It was hard to resist snapping a lot of photos for this one. I'd never seen a drink so tall. The ice was melting at a pace we could keep up. Also, all we had to do was quickly eat until the top of the glass and then we could take our time. 

The sweetness was perfect and the taste of fresh fruit was there. Our gang gave it a thumbs up!

Ice Blended Dragonfruit, Medan Selera Kampar

I read that this place closes in the afternoon so we made sure we were there by 11.30am.

Stall 25, Medan Selera Kampar

Pusat Penjaja Kampar (Kampar Hawker Centre)

Have you had any drinks as tall as this in Malaysia? Let me know so that I can add it to my growing list of places to eat!

May 8, 2018

22 Exploring Eco Sky, Kuala Lumpur

EcoWorld doesn't do things in a half-half kind of way. This property developer is known for adding a little magic into their construction projects. I don't mean real magic, of course but small things that make us go ooh and aah or is visually captivating. Expect an environment with art and nature infused in its designs.

I'd been wanting to visit Eco Sky since Hubs had driven pass the area several times on our way to Tesco Selayang. Eco Sky is located right beside this hypermarket. Plus point - don't have to go far to purchase groceries!

Eco Sky is a mixed development comprising three towers of serviced apartments which are about forty floors high each, and 140 commercial units in 4/5-storey buildings that face each other like two giant pieces of macaroni.

Eco Sky, Kuala Lumpur

The place is fairly quiet with few tenants in the commercial units and seemingly empty residential towers; slow-moving because it is priced beyond what most Malaysians can afford.

Eco Sky

Eco Sky

In the middle of Eco Sky is a tiled park with a smatter of trees and a beautiful water feature. Neat, but it was the art piece I couldn't take my eyes off - a red sculpture of a person jumping into the water, apparently in slow-motion.

Let's Go Swimming at Eco Sky


Hubs and I took the lift up to the highest floor of the retail lots for a better view of the area. Overall, it was pleasing on the senses and quite the place for a cuppa with the girl friends.

Oi! No Swimming Allowedlah!

Eco Sky Commercial Units

Eco Sky Carpark and Serviced Apartment Tower

It was a hot afternoon so we settled down for a cold drink and ice cream at myNEWS.com. My first choice was actually Donutes, a cozy looking bakery cum cafe with large glass windows but I made a quick u-turn out when I saw the crowd! The ambiance in Donutes was cheerful and all good vibes - I love it ...but cannot sit long-long and ceritalah (storylah).

I Scream For Ice Cream

The public toilet is located in a hidden tunnel next to the red bench with the sign 'The Deck' above it.

Eco Sky Public Toilet

Eco Sky Public Toilet

We left feeling like this would be a great place to stay seeing how we could lepak downstairs.

The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the illegally parked cars on both sides of the inner road leading to Tesco and the daily traffic jam that is Jalan Kuching's (?) trademark.

In case anyone's keen, Maybank has a Rent To Own scheme (#HouzKEY) for this property starting from RM2.6k per month. More about Maybank's #HouzKEY here and here.

Apr 20, 2018

20 KTM ETS - Train Ride To Penang

Train to Butterworth and back. ETS, short for Electric Train Service, is currently my favourite way of traveling. No more worrying about getting bus drivers with an adrenaline high on the road and braving the menace of traffic jams. That, and how we have to hold off our toilet needs until we reach a rest area; Plus how boring to remain seated the entire journey!

The ETS has given me a freedom I find refreshing.

KTM ETS At Butterworth Station

I took my ride from KL Sentral. The waiting zone was on the upper floor. When it was nearly time to board the train, the ticketing assistant approached us and held up a placard with train details. Everyone assembled in front of her. With card held high, she herded us like tourists a floor down, leading us to the boarding area.

Boarding The ETS To Butterworth, Penang

Ten minutes into the journey, a train conductor checks our ticket and gives it a stamp of approval, for real.

Platinum tickets gets me to Penang in the shortest time at 4 hours with the least stops made in between. Passengers get a drink and snack/s. I was given a bottle of soybean drink on my first trip down. On the more recent trip, they gave us a bottle of mineral water, a cookie and a packet of nuts. [Update 01/06/18: Snacks and drinks will not always be provided. It's a 'your lucky day' thing!

No snacks or drink was provided for free on the Gold ticket train I hopped on once - this ticket is priced cheaper and takes a longer travel time.

Platinum Tickets Train Snacks

What. The. Hard-boiled eggs, char siew pao, pulut panggang, a huge tin of peanuts. I turned to look at the group of happening senior citizens seated across the aisle who seemed to be having a picnic on the train. Food is a little pricey here and runs out quickly, so it's best to bring your own which was what our cheerful neighbouring passengers did.

There is a total of 6 coaches, 3 toilets and 1 FnB bar. More than enough overhead luggage compartment above the seats and a dedicated section for larger bags.

KTM ETS Toilet
This is the most spacious one on board to accommodate wheelchair users.

I love going to the FnB bar as an excuse to stretch my legs and enjoy hanging around the connecting area near the glass doors. These doors open with the press of a button located in the middle. Watching the scenery made the journey peaceful and zen-like. I could have done that from the comfort of my seat but my itchy legs wouldn't have allowed it - gotta walk or stand a bit.

KTM ETS FnB Kopi Centre
There's sandwiches, noodles and rice.

For those who can't let go of their electric devices, there is a power socket below each pair of seats where you can charge phones or power up laptops. It must be said though that it is difficult to reach in the tight space we had between seats. I saw a sweet young chap volunteering to assist an uncle with it.

3-Pin Socket Below

There's a tray table for each seat like those on aeroplanes. If you're traveling in a group, there are seats that face each other, just for 4 or 8 if you take the ones across too. The best thing about these seats is the large shared table in between - I'm thinking monopoly and a host of card games.

Tray Table

The air-con is really cold and many people had their sweater on along with a cup of hot milo or coffee in their hands. I was already dressed in warm clothes when I boarded the train so I didn't have to go digging my bag for a long-sleeved anything.

Eh, what's that on the wall? A secret trash bin! Not so secret now that I've noticed it. This is my lepak spot on the train.

KTM ETS - The Bin and My Lepak Spot

When we arrived at Butterworth station, we hopped onto the free shuttle bus service heading to the ferry terminal. Even though it was within walking distance, construction work of a new building made it difficult and unsafe to access on foot.

The ride across by ferry to Penang island took a mere 15minutes.

KTM ETS Butterworth Waiting Area

KTM ETS Butterworth Waiting Area

I was impressed that train was punctual in leaving and reaching our destination. On my second trip however, there was a 15-30 minute delay due to construction works of a new track in Kuala Lumpur. It was going slow as a safety measure when it passed this area.

A short footage of the scenery I saw on my train ride on the earlier part of my journey back to KL:

Tickets can be purchased online (http://www.ktmb.com.my/ktmb_ui/) but I have yet to try this. I get mine from KL Sentral.

Apr 5, 2018

22 Penang : Wat Chaiyamangalaram, The Reclining Buddha

I blogged about the Reclining Buddha at Wat Chaiyamangalaram, a Thai temple in Penang about four years ago. If it was impressive before, it is more so now.

Back then, the dragons and serpents at the entrance were painted in matte gold. Today, it is adorned in coloured glass tiles lending it an air of royal grace and strength.

The Serpent Guards at Wat Chaiyamangalaram

The Back Of The Serpent, Wat Chaiyamangalaram

I'm skipping straight to the photos since I've already written about this place before. Within the main building lies the famous 33-metre long (108ft) Reclining Buddha.

Reclining Buddha in the Main Hall at Wat Chaiyamangalaram

Reclining Buddha, Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Penang

Some of the other statues outside the building.

Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Penang

The Guardians of Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Penang

Mythical Statues at Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Penang

The Grounds of Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Penang

Entrance to Wat Chaiyamangalaram, Lorong Burma, Penang

Entrance is free. If you have not been here for many years, it's time for a revisit!

Wat Chaiyamangalaram
Address: 17, Lorong Burma, Pulau Tikus, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Telephone: +6 016 410 5115

Mar 27, 2018

15 This And That, The Stuff We Get

Would you believe that my plastic Chinese New Year tree of pink and red blossoms is still up? I am reluctant to take it down because I love how it brightens up my home. Not that it isn't bright enough with yellow and orange walls, and no curtains to block the sun out. It's thoroughly cheerful but I figured more is better? Lol. Minimalism is obviously not my thing.

Anyway, we received this gift from a business associate recently. A classy men's briefcase out of a James Bond movie? Not so. It's a wine case - a complete set with glasses, wine and accessories. Since I have never owned one before, you can imagine my excitement - like a kid opening up a shiny new toy. 

Wine Case

Wine Case with Accessories

I'm not big on alcoholic drinks. I cook most of it off in meat dishes, like a can of beer in braised pork or half a bottle of wine in a stew. That's how I use up all the alcoholic drinks in my house, rarely enjoying it as is.

The next time I go on a road trip, I will bring this case along complete with bottles of sparkling grape juice. Livening up my holiday, non-alcohol style! ;)

Then, I got these awesome 100plus golden bowls that came with a spoon each from buying F&N canned drinks. We bought two cartons of sarsi and two cartons of orange at RM13 each to give away to relatives for the festive season. I'd almost walked away without knowing about these free items. It was by chance that I bumped into a salesgirl who told me about it.

So I loaded two lovely sets into my shopping cart and told hubs that I was going to enjoy bubur cha cha the Datuk--Datin way. Bubur Cha Cha is a soupy coconut based sweet potato, taro dessert.

100plus Golden Bowls and Spoons

There you go, I'm practically hopeless at resisting cool stuff like these. High 5 if you're like me!

Mar 22, 2018

22 Penang Eats

There's good food in every corner of Penang island - at least I think so. And I'm really glad I don't live there because you'd never find me cooking in the kitchen then. Haha!

These are some of the yummy food I've enjoyed over a couple of trips there. I didn't note down exactly where or which stall we ordered from so forgive me for leaving out accurate location details.

Macalister Road's Char Kway Teow. Good wok hei (that wok charring taste) here. The Chee Cheong Fun is delicious too with silky strips of rice noodles and thick gravy. Couldn't shake the image of rat glue out of my mind though.

Char Kway Teow (Fried Flat Rice Noodles)

Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls)

Bali Hai Restaurant on Gurney Drive is one of our favourite dim sum hangouts. I love the place because of the ambiance. The waterfront view and sea breeze makes the experience of eating here so satisfying.

Bali Hai Restaurant - Dim Sum

Bali Hai Restaurant, Gurney Drive

Hameed Pata's Mee Sotong. This is the stuff of legend in Penang. Fried noodles paired with super spicy squid that's guaranteed to draw out beads of sweat. I consider it a great achievement to finish a plate of this.

Hameed Pata Mee Sotong, Fort Cornwallis Food Court

Edgecumbe Road's Fried Noodles. It was ok-ish. Satisfying but not something I would purposely make my way here for.

Fried Noodles, Edgecumbe Road

The pork belly and pickled veggie dish at a hawker stall in a shop along Jalan Burma. This was served with plain rice and an egg on top. It's the kind of meal that says comfort food, Asian home-cooking style. I totally enjoyed this one.

Pork Belly with Pickled Vegs

Finally, the famous Penang Road Teochew cendul! An iced jelly, coconut dessert that will always be the perfect thing to have in Penang because of the humid weather.

Penang Road Teochew Cendul

What's your favourite Penang food? For me, Batu Lanchang's jelly fish pasembur (not pictured here) takes top spot. I'll try to take a pic of it one day.


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