Apr 30, 2020

10 Stay At Home, Go Out Responsibly

Thank you, Malaysian Frontliners and #stayathome  ~ This was the message that was lit on a couple of buildings along Jalan Kuching some weeks ago. What a lovely sight to drink teh tarik to in the quiet of night.

Stay At Home, Kuala Lumpur

As I scrolled through photos which I had snapped on my phone before the Movement Control Order (MCO), my thoughts centered around covid-19, the virus that has caused many to lose their loved ones and quarantined the rest of us at home. There was the denial stage, then a little bit of paranoia and now a sense of 'hey, we've got this'.

Our numbers are decent thanks to many responsible Malaysians who practiced social distancing, wore masks and diligently washed their hands.

High five to those who did their marketing quickly and resisted the lure of panic buying. Kudos to those who choose not to crowd apartment lifts.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you have offered masks to those who were not wearing any instead of shaming them. God bless you if you are feeding the strays in your neighbourhood, leaving water for the animals or sharing food with those who have little.

These are some of the wonderful ways concerned Malaysians are making the best out of tough situation.

Whilst our frontliners are busy risking their lives to save ours, let us at least lighten their load by being exemplary in our behaviour.

If our Frontliners are heroes, keep in mind that we are the sidekicks. Our job is to stop the spread of the virus and make our country safe again. The quicker it is contained, the faster we will have our lives back.

A close-up :)

Covid-19 | Day 44 Movement Control Order. I noticed that at least three apartments near our area had recorded covid positive cases. The good news? It was limited to one person each. The whole area has been sanitised and no other resident was affected. How and where they got it remains a mystery but this tells me that these Malaysians had done the necessary to protect themselves and were careful not to spread anything to others.❤


  1. Replies
    1. You too, Angie xx Hope things are all good at your end.

  2. Stay Safe, dear. Hopefully it will all be over soon.

    1. It would seem we are on track to beating this, Ez. Hope we continue to stay vigilant.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos as I had not seen them. I only heard about it.
    I am grateful to the Frontliners too for going all out to sacrifice their time to help everyone in need. I watched many videos of the China's folks thanking their doctors and nurses along the streets until airport. It brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Knew you'd like this, TM. It brought tears to my eyes too.

  4. 2 condominiums in my area also have recorded one positive cases each. And both have been quarantined.

    Beautiful light projection. Kudos to those who make this sucessful. Over here, we have Pullman Hotel who been actively doing the light projection to send messages to the public.

    1. I miss those mco days already, Rose. There was a peacefulness about it and a great sense of togetherness.

  5. So nice the light projection at the apartments
    I noticed some other hotels also doing the same
    Let's pray for the pandemic gets over soon


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