Oct 22, 2007

0 The Magic is Lost

My partner has always been a fan of Copperfield. So when he heard that his idol was coming down, he was thrilled.

One fine day, my Mr Gung Ho called me at the office and said, “Ling, I book you 31st oredi. I have bought tickets for David Copperfield..muahahahahaha!!”.

I was dazed and amused at the same time. Dazed, because we had an exhibition to prepare for the next day. I was downright busy. Amused, because I could feel the child-like excitement emanating from my partner.

And then it happened – FBI probe, Sexual misconduct, Copperfield may not be coming after all!!

Don’t be too sad Darling – we can still make it for the Black Eyed Peas concert…kekekekeke ;)

Oct 11, 2007

0 On my own with "The Seeker"

It was one of those days when I'm left alone to do whatever I want ...and I love starting the day by catching the earliest movie.

So off I went to Cineleisure to see if I could make it for Brave Story. Unfortunately, the earliest time slot for that was 1.00pm..*yawn*. So I decided to go for The Seeker instead.

Then I called my partner because I felt that I had to report in - see...we have sort of a 'thing' between us about watching movies without each other. The last time I watched Superman on my own, I ended up catching the movie twice on the same day when my partner gave me that sad, sad puppy look when he found out that I'd watched it once in the morning without him. So the evening was spent on Superman again to make my man happy...*snort*..not that I didn't enjoy it.

The Seeker
was normal fare - really didn't excite me as it should have. It was about a teenage boy who has to seek out some items to save the world (really didn't get what the items were for).

I felt that the star of the show didn't put in enough 'oomph' into it. Hence, I was more worried that he'd blunder his part than not saving the world. I didn't mind the story line, I'm just disappointed they didn't choose someone with more character for the starring role.

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