Jul 4, 2013

11 A Day at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

This is ..my fifth, sixth or was it seventh visit. I've lost count....

Call me a hopeless romantic, an old-fashioned soul, the one with her head in the air - I readily admit my weaknesses. I love quaint old buildings adorned with climbing greens and potted flowers. It makes me feel like a fairy tale princess, swooshing her long beige gown just above pebbled grounds, walking her way dreamily to swan lake.
Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills
Colmar Tropicale, a french-inspired village resort set atop Berjaya Hills ~ I'm delighted that it hasn't been tarnished with unsightly modern or futuristic establishments.

As usual, I take a laid-back walk to the end of the street to climb the viewing tower. That's where I took this photograph (below). This time, the lift was out of order. I huffed and puffed up three or was it four flights of stairs against the cool breeze that playfully messed my hair.

The view was breathtaking ~ lush green hills in one corner, the village square in another.

Restaurants, a wishing well, entertainment centers and daily shows
I didn't stay overnight this time around. It is something I would suggest to first time visitors. There are many things to enjoy here like visit the Rabbit Farm, check out the Botanical Garden, take part in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and so forth. All, within a free shuttle ride away.

But Colmar isn't a place you should rush through. I take it as a heavenly escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I don't mind lazing here with just a book in hand.

To the rooms ~ I sneaked a peek inside ..

Two pairs of swans swim in swan pond below the bridge ~ one white and one black. Both welcoming. The last time I paid them a visit, they arched their necks together, making the shape of a heart. I remember being so excited because I caught it on camera.

Bella...is that you?

Love bears! There's always something romantic about this place. Many have their pre-wedding shots taken in this vicinity.

Something for lovebirds

I always have a bite before leaving the place. The ambiance entices me. I pretend I'm in France. It has this setting that says "marriage proposal" all over. Oh, don't laugh. I bet a lot of women get proposed to here.

Lasagne for lunch. Delish!

Across the road is a magnificent castle. Le Chavelier, they call it. There are no dragons here, only conference rooms.

Hear ye! This is where we meet!
Well, that's the end of my dreamy adventure. Time to go. I pass my tickets to the van driver. I was back in hectic Kuala Lumpur within the hour.

A piece of advice for day-trippers: Buy your shuttle tickets early.

Goodbye, until we meet again!

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