Dec 22, 2017

22 The Newbie View : Mercedes-Benz E350e

Let me just start by saying that I am not a car enthusiast nor do I know much about the technical aspects of one. Other than occasionally watching Formula One races on TV, the automotive industry is something that I do not have a strong interest in. Simply put, I get that a car is a means of transport for me and you to get around. I also come with the driving expertise of an average Joe or some of you might conclude, the average senior citizen, if you have ever been my passenger.

But here I am at Hap Seng Star, surprised that I didn't fall asleep the moment I walked in. No, it was pretty interesting listening to Hubs and the car salesman discuss and argue points over Mercedes-Benz's E 350e plug-in hybrid model.

Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV - Exterior

Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV - Exterior

Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV - Exterior

We even went for a test drive. This was when it really impressed me. The car comes with 'airmatic suspension'. Huh? If this was a cartoon show, you'd see a lot of question marks popping up around my head! This function allows the car to adjust itself when going over uneven surfaces ensuring a smooth drive. The car raises up an inch when going over small humps and lowers itself for more stability when driven at higher speeds. I certainly felt the difference sitting in the back seat. The ride was comfortable, very.

Test-Driving Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV

Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV - Interior

Mercedes-Benz E350e PHEV - Interior

The panoramic Sunroof is the stuff of dreams. I love the feeling of driving with the sun on my cheeks and as a passenger, looking at the stars and the moon on road trips afar.

Panoramic Sunroof

What else did I like about the car? Repeat after me - BURMESTER. Possibly the most awesome audio system ever! We cranked up the radio and it felt like I had my headphones on. The surround sound experience was out of this world. Burmester is now my favourite word.

Burmester Audio System and Ambient Lighting

Worried about side parking? Hah! The car does the job for you. In and out! It's almost eerie watching the car maneuver itself into the parking lot without driver assistance but it was also spectacular. It does reverse parking too. Makes you feel like giving the car a name, doesn't it?

"Well done, Kitt. Excellent parking skills."

"You're not too bad, Sharon ... given a mile of space."

"Really, this wireless charging pad is brilliant, Kitt but it's too small to fit a Samsung Note 8.

"The plus point? I don't like Apple either."

To be honest, the central door locking system wasn't my favourite part of the car. It irks me that the button is located on the driver's side. You have to use a stick just to reach it. There are so many occasions I can think of where this inconveniences both driver and passenger, especially when we take our old folks out. Like when you're on a road trip and stop for the loo for awhile leaving your parents or spouse in the car, or when you step out for a moment to buy a drink for them. In short, either everyone gets out of the car or someone has to reach over to the other end to lock it. The car's so wide, I'd need gorilla arms for that!

I love the boot which is equipped with contactless opening though. Swish your foot under the car and it pops up. No longer will I have to fumble for keys to open the boot when my arms are full with shopping bags ..that's if we get the car.

Overall, this car's a beauty with comfy leather seats and 64-colour ambient lighting. What's that, you say? It's that soft lighting inside the car illuminating door handles, the console and so forth creating a futuristic yet zen-like ambiance.


I find it amusing that I have written so much about a car but I dare bet that a couple of months into 2018, I probably won't remember many of the terms I mentioned above other than 'Burmester'. Lol.

Anyway, please forgive me if I have provided you with any inaccurate information. I was trying to keep up!

To tell you the truth, there's a whole lot of other cool stuff about the car that I've left out in this blog piece because I thought my brain was going to switch off from 'information overload'. I don't think I can take anymore technical stuff. Can we talk about food instead and how delicious it is? 😅

Let me end by wishing you Happy Winter Solstice Festival and Merry Christmas in advance. May you and your family be blessed with many happy moments and fond memories. 👪 💗

Dec 18, 2017

17 Taman Megah Night Market

December. Aah, the busiest month but I love it! Friends, family, food, fun, all the fond memories that come with - I like F words, don't you? Anyway, it was the cause of me leaving my blog unattended for awhile. Life happened!

Today, it being a quiet me-day, I decided to crank up the computer and tell the world that I finally had the opportunity to pop into Taman Megah's Sunday night market. It was a buzz of activity at 4.00PM with food vendors putting their tents up, arranging trays of goodies onto the table and cooking from their makeshift stoves.

Taman Megah Night Market

I met this wonderful lady who made the yummiest red velvet and most decadent chocolate cake. It was RM12 for both, I'm assuming at RM6 each.

Red Velvet and Chocolate Cakes at Taman Megah Pasar Malam

The kuih stall beckoned to me like bees to honey. I was drawn to the many variety of local cakes on display but resisted overbuying.

Kuihs at Taman Megah Night Market

These were the few I brought home. Come to think of it, it looks like I bought more than planned ..haha! The white and green domed sticky cakes on banana leaf were my favourite out of the lot. It was both filled with preserved radish, one stronger flavoured than the other. I have always had a preference for savoury kuihs. Hubs, on the other hand, leaned towards the sweet ones.

All these cakes are made with just a few ingredients mixed together typically involving the use of coconut, palm sugar, rice flour, tapioca, glutinous rice flour, sticky rice. They are all sticky cakes but vary in taste and texture. The blue glutinous rice cake is topped with grated coconut mixed with palm sugar. The green and white coconut milk cake comes with palm sugar and coconut filling. Then there's the sticky 9-layer steamed rice cake and tapioca cake. See? As we Malaysians would say, "Same-same but different!"

Sweet and Savoury Sticky Cakes from Taman Megah Night Market

For dinner, we packed home rice and some curry dishes. It was the aroma of spices that drew us to this stall and made us salivate. I drool every time I look at this picture.

Droolworthy Curry Dishes

Some other mixed rice dishes that were available. This is local food for you right there.

Mixed Rice Dishes

A small slab of roasted pork belly came home with us too. Don't know how that got into my bag. Alright, guilty for overindulging! I'm going to start pointing fingers at the guy who asked me to pay a visit to this night market - it's all his fault I'm a couple of kgs heavier today - that TM!

Roasted Pork Belly

But let's chill it with these awesome asamboi/sour plum drinks. Too satisfying for words.

Kedondong and Honey Lime with Asamboi

My walkabout at Taman Megah's Sunday night market ended with us heading to the car, sipping on these ice cold drinks. Can't wait to come back here to try the food at the other stalls, most likely in 2018!

Dec 7, 2017

16 Eats : Laksaamana, Yan Woh Tong at IPC Foodland

Most of the shops at IPC Mall had closed their shutters for several months to make way for major upgrading works. I was excited when I heard that the food court on the lower ground had reopened. It is quite happening now with more restaurants added to the mix. The newness of the place is a breath of fresh air.

Hubs and I decided to eat here before making our way to the cinema to watch Justice League. Has anyone here watched the movie? I thought it was awesome - that slow motion scene of Flash with the look of horror on his face when he realised Superman was on to him was oh-so-comical. I laughed and laughed!

Anyway, back to the food court at IPC. We ordered our food from Laksaamana after seeing someone enjoying an awesome rice dish from said place. Nasi Legend, they called it. Hubs ordered one for himself. It was delicious.

Laksaamana - Nasi Legend

I went for a mean bowl of Royal Laksa. The curry broth was hugely satisfying with enough ingredients to make it interesting.

Laksaamana - Royal Laksa

Facebook :

Laksaamana, IPC

A weekend later, we tried Yee Mee Soup at Yan Woh Tong which was located along the same row as Laksaamana. I loved this too. Very much so because it was loaded with greens underneath. Never have I felt healthier and happier. Have I mentioned before that I'm obsessed with making sure there are vegetables in my meals? It's the balanced diet thing drummed into me since young by my parents.

Yan Woh Tong - Yee Mee Soup

Well, that's it on the food I tried at IPC Shopping Centre's Foodland so far. I'll be back of course, being a regular visitor to the mall. Enjoy your weekend, my blogging friends!


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