May 30, 2015

31 Updating My Garden With Colours

Phew! What an amazing couple of weeks. Lots of quality time spent with relatives who popped into the big city for various reasons from a shopping holiday to seeking medical treatment. Since they were staying over at my place, I was automatically assigned the role of guide and chauffeur.

In between hectic days, I squeezed in some me-time which involved redecorating a part of the apartment. I felt that the garden needed a pick-me-up. The purple mona lavender that used to move me seemed tired against the pale grey walls.

So, off I went to nursery Lot 61, Kota Damansara - aimed for three plants, drove home with six! Haha, I have to say. I dug out my cute Daiso pink hand trowel from the cabinet. With it and gloved hands, the garden was fixed up to accommodate the plants I just got. Although I rolled my eyes over the extra purchase, I was feeling very, very pleased! 

My Haul Of Plants From The Nursery - Chrysanthemums and Begonias

A number of my neighbours use the balcony as their laundry area. For me, it is a place of relaxation. No drying our clothes here!

The day we (hubby and I) signed the papers for this apartment, we had fantastic ideas about what we could do to decorate our new home. My guy was adamant that we should have a water fountain in the balcony. He built a low wall to create a pond. Things didn't quite work out and it became home for my flowers instead (picture below).
Re-potted (This was where the water feature was supposed to be.)

Blue Pea Flower (Green)

We have a rocking bench squeezed in the center of the area. It was an impromptu buy that happened years ago when we were getting a new dining table. After testing out several chairs and sofas for fun, we sat on this bench and fell in love with this comforting feeling of swinging back and forth. That's what curiosity got us - a new bench! 

Chili Plants, Spring Onion, Parsley, Ginger, Pak Choy, Fern

My money plant had to be trimmed off because it was crawling up too high. The leaves were so vibrant that I knew it'd be ridiculous to discard it. It sits on my table today in a blue smiling cup. Hah! What do you think of my leafy table arrangement?

Money Plant

Well, that ends my gardening adventure. A body, mind and soul revitalising activity. ♥ ♥


If you're into gardening, then you'll love Floria Putrajaya. The annual flower and garden festival begins today, until 7 June 2015. For details, visit their website or Facebook page :

I had an amazing time last year : Flower Power at Floria Putrajaya 2014

May 11, 2015

12 Hospital Kuala Lumpur

The story is ...that my aunt had run away. She did, really. She packed her bags, left home without telling a soul (except me) and flew to Kuala Lumpur to check into the hospital for surgery. This was March 15th. She has been staying with me ever since. By now, everyone knows.

I found it hilarious but understood the drastic move. She doesn't enjoy the dramatic less-than-comforting expressions that follow when it is known that someone is unwell. No one does. This happens a lot in our small town. You could say that it's a small community thing and word spreads fast, especially unfavourable ones.

"I heard you're in big trouble! " sobs one with deep downturned lips.

"The nurse leaked that you're in critical condition.. " cried another whilst wrinkling the forehead.

Here, on the other hand, there is less of this feeling of doom and gloom for my aunt! I take her out for little adventures every other day. So much to explore, so much to do!

She has been in and out of the hospital to prepare for the big day. Scans and tests have been done. The op is weeks away. It's the final leg. Are we excited? ...No. My aunt's having the jitters. I try not to let her focus on it too much. That's where crochet comes in - a project to occupy her thoughts, and mine.

During our period in the hospital, I took the time to roam the halls that has been a blessing to many.

This is a picture taken just outside the gynae ward on the 4th floor. The Popular Choice? I would think so. It's always full and the wait is long.

The Quiet Corridor of Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Before heading to the ward, we had to fill out some papers downstairs. As a retired government servant, my aunt was entitled to room and treatment for free. How lucky!


This hospital has seen better days, but the good news is that there are major upgrading works in progress and also new buildings being constructed. It's about time, I say!

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

I especially love the new carpark building. No steep drive up, airy with lots of parking space.

Hospital Kuala Lumpur Carpark

This is the 'first class, 2-bed' room that my aunt stayed in for a couple of days. It comes with an attached bathroom. There is an open shared sink with mirror in one corner. There is also a tall cabinet where patients can hang their clothes.

First class ward with 2 beds

First class ward with 2 beds plus 1 sink and two tall cabinets

The food is good and healthy. It's all about natural flavours and pretty much no seasoning. They did leave a sachet of salt, in case some find it too tasteless. I had to giggle at that.

Hospital Food

Visiting hours are from 12.30PM to 2PM and 4.30PM to 7.30PM. For weekends and public holidays, it's 12.30Pm to 7.30PM. A warning - security is strict about it !

Well, that's that on my visit to the general hospital. Just one of the many I have explored.     

May 4, 2015

12 Teacher of Kindness

Sprightly old man, he is. In a weathered ill fitting black business jacket and long pants, he approached the group of us sitting in the outdoor waiting area of the Hospital's gynecology wing, and asked in a booming voice, where the Outpatient Ward was. A bit of a Santa Claus, but much slimmer in build.

He held a large plastic container of Cadbury Choclairs in one arm and a suitcase ..or was it two, in the other.

My aunt pointed out where he should go. He sighed at the distance. Then headed towards me, announced to all of us that he was a teacher, and handed out a sweet. I was hesitant at first, but took it in faith that it was all good. He proceeded to give it to each and everyone else who was there. Then, he strode purposefully and cheerfully towards the building across the road.

Cadbury Choclairs from a Teacher

"What teacher could he be? " I pondered. "Teacher of kindness and optimism...? " my thoughts offered.



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