Nov 29, 2017

18 Alce Nero and Her World Best Home Cook Contest 2017

The Her World Best Home Cook 2017 contest came to an end last Saturday with Michael Cheong declared as champion for his remarkable Moroccan Lamb in Spaghetti Baskets, winning RM3,000 in cash! The Grand Prize winner also walked away with Tefal and Alce Nero products.

Her World Best Home Cook Contest 2017 Winner -Michael Cheong (in red)
Judges, from left: Nicholas (Alce Nero), Eena (Her World Malaysia),
Ili Sulaiman (Celebrity Chef), Jack (Tefal)

The contest, sponsored by Alce Nero Malaysia and Tefal, was held in front of a live audience at Shah Alam Convention Centre as part of Tefal's Carnival Sales event.

Runner-up, Angeline Ng gave stiff competition with her fantastic Spaghetti Maki roll creation. Jean Loh took 3rd place serving up a delicious pasta dish with Tri Color Peppers, Prawn and Roasted Tomato Pomodoro sauce. To watch the winners announcement in full, this is the link to the video on Her World Malaysia's Facebook page.

Judges Ili Sulaiman (Celebrity Chef), Eena (Editor of Her World Malaysia), Nicholas (Alce Nero) and Jack (Tefal) had a tough time deciding this year's winner as participants upped their game with beautiful food styling and recipes that wowed.

From Top-Left, clockwise: 1) Eena, Editor of Her World Malaysia kicking the event off.
2) Judges tastingthe dishes. 3) Participants in action.
I was there from beginning to end. It was fun visiting the booths surrounding the stage whilst waiting for the contestants to finish their dish for judging. The event lasted just over three hours.

My favourite booth was Alce Nero Malaysia's. No surprise there since I use their products regularly. I sampled both Acacia and Wildflower honey, smacking my lips over the mild, yummy well-rounded flavour. The acacia honey was going for a bargain at a Buy 1, Free 1 promo; I couldn't resist so you know what I did there! It was a bestseller at the booth.

Alce Nero Products

Alce Nero is well known for their organic pasta and pasta sauces too. I eagerly tried the macaroni in Organic Tomato Sauce with Vegetables. Excellent stuff. See the smiling aunty manning the Alce Nero booth (pictured below)? She is an absolute sweetheart, same as the other ladies there. They attended to my questions wholeheartedly.

The moment I spotted Celebrity Chef Ili Sulaiman, I made a beeline for her. Me and new blogging buddy, Amy ( were thrilled when she agreed to a wefie. She is the nicest person!

From Top-Left, clockwise: 1) Tasting Alce Nero's honey. 2) Me winning the lucky draw.
3) Amy, Chef Ili and Me (Thanks for the pic, Amy!). 4) An Overview of Tefal Carnival Sales.

Before the judging for Her World's Best Home Cook contest came to an end, we were asked to submit a form guessing who the winner would be. Those who got it right would be in a draw to win prizes. Two were up for grabs. Guess whose name got picked out of the bag? ... Mine, haha!  

I was both thrilled and stunned at the same time. You know that feeling when you're on a high and it's all happening so fast that it seems like you're in another world? That's how it was for me, surreal. I jumped off my seat to receive the lucky draw prize, next thing I knew I was thanking several people and it didn't even feel like I had gone up there at all.

I finally met Tengku Mirafita from Alce Nero whom I'm very thankful for the invitation to this event. I went home with a lovely goodie bag from Alce Nero, a Tefal blender from the lucky draw, an electric steamer I had purchased at half price and fond memories!

From Top-Left, clockwise: Alce Nero goodie bag and Tefal blender. Tefal steamer.
The cashier counters at Tefal Canival Sales.

Registration Counter

To end, I say - Best day ever!

For more information on Alce Nero products and promotional updates, follow them on Facebook at .

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Nov 21, 2017

22 Toast Egg-ventures

It all started in Penang, when I was there for a holiday last month. I had a craving for poached or soft-boiled eggs on buttered toast aka 'roti telur goyang'  (roti - bread, telur goyang - wobbly egg) . So, I had it for breakfast two days in a row and even after I was back in Kuala Lumpur.

Lucky this was a short obsession that lasted only a week. I really should be running for curry noodles or tok tok mee when I'm eating out. Telur Goyang  is, after all, something that can be easily made at home.

This is a post on which I thought was the best out of the three I tried that week.

First one's from Hang Chow Hotel cafe along Lebuh Chulia, Penang. It was OK. Presentation-wise, it kind of says, "You're here to answer the call of your growling stomach. What more do you want leh.. "

Poached Eggs On Toast - Hang Chow Hotel, Penang

Hang Chow Hotel Cafe, Penang

The next day, I ordered the same from a hawker stall at Restaurant 77 Food Yard, which is across the road from Pulau Tikus Wet Market's fruit and vegetable stalls.

A visually exciting version arrived on our table. The eggs were just the way I loved it and I admired the extra bit of effort this guy put into such a simple meal. It made a huge difference in how I felt about it. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Heavenly stuff - the yolk was oozing out like melted gold. An A-plus if someone were to ask me to rate this!

Soft-Boiled Eggs on Buttered Toast aka Telur Goyang - Penang

I was eager to poke the yolks.

Soft-Boiled Eggs on Toast - Penang

The Golden Yolk From My Eggs on Toast - Pulau Tikus Wet Market, Penang

Back in KL, and after tempting my husband with an awesome pic of the above-mentioned Pulau Tikus eggs on toast, we ordered a set to try at Hup May Kopitiam one morning. What they served us was eggs on kaya toast. This combination didn't hit it with me. Kaya sweetened egg? Ugh. Hubs didn't find it appealing either.

It just wasn't our thing. One man's meat, another man's poison is what I'm saying for this one. Some people like it this way.

Eggs On Kaya Toast - Hup May Kopitiam, Kuala Lumpur

Hup May Kopitiam, Dataran Sunway

I'm sure you know which egg breakfast I liked most out of the above since I have been quite obvious about it - the one at Pulau Tikus Wet Market, of course!

Typically, people who visit Penang will be aiming to get their fill of authentic Char Kueh Teow, Curry Mee, Assam LaksaNasi Kandar  and Cendol. Me? Here I am with Roti Telur Goyang  in mind for my next trip down. 

This is the other stuff Hubs and I ordered at Hup May Coffee Shop that morning. Curry noodles, which was delicious and nian gao fritters, a yummy snack layered with yam, sticky cake and sweet potato.

Curry Noodles - Hup May Kopitiam, Kuala Lumpur

Nian Gao Fritters - Hup May Kopitiam, Kuala Lumpur

Anyone here a fan of Roti Telur Goyang? ;)

Nov 11, 2017

12 Penang : A Night At Time Capsule Hotel

A couple of months ago, a friend offered me a night's stay at Time Capsule Hotel, Penang - something she'd won from an online contest. I said yes. Days later, we settled on a date in October, made the necessary hotel reservations and purchased the train tickets weeks in advance. No turning back now, as they say!

Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

It was one of the best holidays. I was excited to experience a night in the minimalist futuristic-looking hotel. It had a "I'm in a spaceship" kind of feeling. A great chap named Jason handled our reservations. Patient, kind and friendly, he was our go-to guy for food and sightseeing suggestions.

We were each given a keycard and a bag containing one towel, bottled water and headphones. I collected a pair of slippers from the small shoe locker beside the lift before heading up to the floor where our 'capsules' were and was impressed with what I saw - cosy, neat and clean! It comes with a shared bathroom. There were sufficient shower cubicles, hairdryers and toilets.

Our Sleeping Quarters - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

Bathroom - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

I kept my backpack in the large locker located in front of my sleeping chamber, swiping my keycard onto the one with my capsule number to release the lock. The place was quiet with well-behaved guests. I was thrilled to be there.

Keycard and Capsule - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

The hotel is located within walking distance from many touristy areas and at night, the street is quite happening with bars and restaurants lighting the area up. Night owls we were not, so we were back in the hotel 9pm-ish.

After a shower and getting into comfortable clothes, I plonked myself onto the lower capsule, plugged my keycard in to power up the space and closed the shutter. The blue lights were definitely my favourite feature! It added to the whole being in a spaceship feel.

My Bed - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

I spent nearly an hour fiddling around with the controls from lighting, aircon to TV before I dozed off but it was a restless night as I couldn't contain my enthusiasm  - the day's activities playing over and over in my mind. It was 2am, then 3am and soon, 5am! I got up to shower, deciding sleep was a lost cause. Haha. It was zombie Sharon on the loose in Penang that day!

Time Capsule Hotel

Address: 418 & 420, Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Telephone:+6 04-263 0888

r u l e s

Nov 2, 2017

25 Mr. Fussy Feathers

It wasn't long before I noticed the different traits of each of my pigeon buddies. This is a story about Mr. Fussy Feathers which I think you'll find cute. I certainly did.

While cleaning out the Pigeon Pavilion, I became aware of a feeding spot with only white seeds left behind. I thought nothing about it at first but it happened again the next day! My curiosity peaked, so I started observing the birds in earnest.

Someone's Not Eating The White Seeds

It was quite a surprise to find out who the culprit was - Whitey, whom I now sometimes refer to as 'Mr. Fussy Feathers'!

Hello, There. Are You Talking About Me?

The rest of my pigeon buddies peck all the seeds up but Whitey takes his time to avoid eating the white ones. It's so funny to watch that I wonder what goes on in that little brain of his? Is the seed too bland for his palate? Does he not like the texture? Is it the colour? And so forth.

Mr. Fussy Feathers Picking The White Seeds Out

Mr. Fussy Feathers has a best friend. His name is Tiny. They are squabbling besties. Full of mischief when together, sad and lonely when away from one another.

Tiny was a little upset with Mr. Fussy Feathers the other day. You see, it was Tiny's turn at the plant container which had their favourite plant. I have no idea what plant this is. It popped out one day and I let it grow because I figured it would be interesting to see what my pigeons ate in other places, assuming this was a seed that had gotten stuck on their feet and fell loose here, on this very soil that used to be my Pak Choy corner.

From the video, you can see that they had a bit of a scuffle. Tiny sat right down after that, looking really mad at Whitey.

Tiny Is Upset With Whitey

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my finicky bird. Wait 'til you read about the rest. They are always up to something!


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