Apr 1, 2007

0 Eye On Malaysia - April Fool?

Tasik Titiwangsa. It's a beautiful place to visit. My partner and I went to Tasik Titiwangsa on April Fools' Day for a romantic walk in the evening. The "Eye on Malaysia" ferris wheel was a wonderful sight to behold. There were many people queuing to get a ride.

At 9.00PM, there was a water show with cool water skiing stunts and fireworks. I was enthralled by the friendly performers. A short video clip was projected on a screen of spraying water. It was so unique, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

The night was simply magical until we all heard a loud "clang" from the "Eye on Malaysia". I was shocked to see that one of the bars had come undone and was dangling from the wheel. They had stopped the wheel and within minutes, an engineer climbed up to retrieve the dangling piece. Luckily, there were no casualties.

The wheel started moving again but as you can see from the photo we took, the missing piece was not replaced. April Fool?

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