Jan 21, 2012

4 Lychee Popsicle - Ice, Ice Baby

The surly wind gushed through my front door, strewing my once neatly laid floor mat into a corner. The lighter decorative items fall over. You'd think that it would be a cool day to just hang out but I found it impossibly hard. I was pouring in sweat (an exaggeration) even with all that wind.

All I could think of was a nice cold drink or ice cream to help ease the discomfort I was feeling from the heatwave. I was reminded of a cool snack I used to serve during parties. It was a handy recipe and quick to do.

Mostly, it was going to be a soothing respite in this humid weather. So I decided to make a tray for myself. Check it out - Lychee Popsicles! It IS addictive..I found myself walking to the fridge every once in awhile, eager, but also lamenting that I really shouldn't overindulge.

I want one too says Mr. Snowman

Now this is what I call a "cool" idea, crunchy but not hard

Sweet lychee with cucumber and a lil lemon

Easy peasy

A rough guide, as usual.

- Lychees (from a can) or alternatively Rambutans, Longans (your fancy)
- Toothpicks
- 1 small cucumber, finely chopped
- A little bit of lemon juice and lemon zest

- Mix chopped cucumber with a little bit of lemon juice and zest.
- Mix Lychee juice (from the can) with a bit of water to dilute it a little (so that it's not too sweet). Leave aside.
- Stuff cucumber mixture into a piece of Lychee.
- Place into ice tray.
- Pour some of the diluted juice into the Lychee, let it overflow a little.
- Place a toothpick in the center and freeze for a couple of hours.

- Ready to serve, when frozen.

Tastewise : A sweet lemony flavour, lightly crunchy, not hard on the teeth.

Jan 10, 2012

0 Sunway Rymba Hills, Sunway Damansara

3-storey Forest Villas (Zero-lot bungalows)..mmmm..heavenly. Anything with the word "forest" in it sounds like Utopia these days, except that we all know that it's scarce and there's just too little of it to go around.

That said, I'm keen to see how this development will tie in with the natural greens behind it.

Access is via the flood prone (I wonder if it still is) Persiaran Surian road (near Palm Spring Condo). From the junction, the view seems neat enough with townhouses and trees along the way but driving further down, you'll see several factories before reaching the intended location. This doesn't contribute well to the exclusive feel of the development. That makes the RM4mil tag seem over-the-top.

Barring these unfavourable elements, Sunway Rymba Hills would have been an ideal buy.

Why? Because it's built on a private hill which makes it a less attractive target for thieves. The unobstructed view is a plus. I also love the idea of sipping tea alfresco, in the compound of my house without the prying eyes of passers-by, the nose-pinching Alam Flora's garbage truck and the "honk-honk" of a roti man.

The show unit was closed for refurbishing (will reopen in a week, says the Guard) so there was no opportunity for me to explore the place further. It would have been interesting to view a bare unit. I hope it's designed where homeowners can expect to move in immediately without renovations required. Now, that would certainly be "WOW".

Unobstructed view

Corner facade

Looks promising

Not too flashy

Estimated completion date: 2013

Jan 8, 2012

0 I ♥ Kia Sportage

My criteria for a great car rarely involves scrutinizing the specs of a motor engine, petrol consumption or examining safety features. I would, with IFs, but most of the technical stuff boggles me.

Checking boot space, THAT, I can handle.

I just want to drive...something that has a sunroof, a good radio, a spot where I can put my drinks and little fancy features that stand out amongst other cars (I don't know what, of course - it's a job for the engineers).

Hah! I never imagined there would be a day I would find such a car but I did in the Kia Sportage, during a leisurely Sunday drive. Pretty much made the day a perfect one... although I didn't sign up for a unit.

Wait a minute..grey's not impressive! Bah!


That's rugged enough for a girl

Sunroof..awww, a dream come true

Fancy feature - a rear camera!

Push-start button (Located right, below aircon)

The steering wheel

My likes:
1) A rear view camera display which appears on the car mirror when going in reverse.
2) Sunroof because I love the bright outdoor feeling.
3) Push start engine button.
4) Smart key system, a neat idea. Just touch the door handle and the doors open automatically. Works only if the keys are a foot away from the car. This means that I never have to take my car keys out of the bag again.
5) Small enough to park easily.

It's pricey at RM140k but kiasu fellas will never admit that. ...no class-lar if "too cheap". Waiting time 3 months.

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