May 29, 2013

1 27 April 2013 : Sunset

I'm not a photography expert or anything but I do love looking at the sky and keeping a record of what I see. It's nice looking back at pictures from before and reminiscing about the old days.

Before this, I was pretty much obsessed with food photos and posting that up on Facebook.

It's kind of an achievement - "Yeah, take that Facebook buddies! I'm eating delicious never-seen-before food! I bet you're jealous!" That's just me with my head in the clouds.

My friends are probably going, "Oh, for God's sake!" ... click remove Sharon from the news feed.

The Lonely Cloud

Gloomy Clouds Against Setting Sun

A Closer Take

Pictures taken on 27 April between 6.27pm to 6.55pm.

May 25, 2013

0 Malaysia's 13th General Election - The Scene

Malaysia's 13th General Election passed just weeks ago.

It was a colourful time, not just language-wise ...but for our streets as well, lined with flags, posters and banners in every corner representing several political parties. Some were pretty creative.

My mailbox was was not spared. I received booklets and flyers with colourful stories that made me shake my head in perplexity. I felt like a Solar Bobble Head toy, except that I'm powered by ridiculous stories. Flabbergast me and I'll shake my head for you. 

Mmm..I wouldn't be surprised if the people most excited about elections are bosses of printing companies. As some of us would say - Fatt tatt lah! (striking it rich-lah)

Here are some photos I took during the campaign period.

Barisan Nasional (BN) and Malaysian Spring Flags

BN Flags on the trees and Malaysian Spring flags lining the road in Sri Hartamas

Malaysian Spring flags in Bangsar

So colourful

Banners - Reasons why we should vote for BN

The beautiful hearted Nurul Izzah from Pakatan Rakyat (PKR)

PKR's camp in Bangsar

The catchphrase "Ini Kalilah" (This time) was used a lot

The DAP rocket in Segambut

Flyers I received in the mail.

BN's Manifesto

The budget - Everyone dapat (got it), except me.

Errr....A pamphlet that came in a plastic bag together with several other BN flyers

May 23, 2013

0 award!

Abbe thinks I should "let it all out" she gave me an award. Thanks, Abbe x

But first, the rules of accepting the award:

1)  Display the trophy on your post.
2)  Write a short piece that starts with:  I Didn't Kill ____ Today.  It doesn't have to be a person; it can be an appliance, a business, or anything else you choose.
3)  Nominate a few people and let them know it's their turn to vent!

Here goes.

I Didn't Kill Anyone Today. I did wonder if I should have though.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry ma'am."
  The flight attendant furiously rubbed the aisle carpet dry, leaving my jeans to soak up spilt juice while I scrambled for tissue. My hurried dabbing did nothing to stop the damage.

He finally came for me with napkins and the most enchanting smile. All I saw was sparkling white teeth going "I'm really, really sorry". Mmm..I couldn't possibly kill him, could I?

I looked at my stained jeans woefully. Should I scream? Demand that he wash my laundry for a week? He did place carpet above customer. It was a Jiminy Cricket moment..always let your conscience be your guide.

"It's alright." I chirped happily.

Right. My conscience decided that anyone who approaches you with such brilliant flash of teeth should be let off the hook.

I'm going to nominate Sharmini ( because she's seriously funny...and I would nominate Abbe again but she would probably kill me - I Didn't Kill Sharon Today...oooOO..

The other person I would nominate is my cooking blog partner, Eve (

Feel free to vent..or not :)


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