Mar 20, 2008

0 Melted Candy

And this was what I wanted to give each of the girls in my office, whom I hold dear in my heart:

Unfortunately, the candy melted before I even left Penang. Bah!..So I got them some made in Penang 'Pneah' instead.

Mar 2, 2008

0 My very own radio station

Sick and tired of radio channels not playing my favourite songs ...yeap...that's me. Always changing channels, hoping to find a song I'd like to hear.

My partner has nagged me countless times about my itchy fingers, which never leaves the radio in peace. Hey, I don't see why I have to put up with daily traffic updates for many areas which does not concern me - one station providing this service is fine but any more than that really gets on my nerves. They even announce it almost at the same time..gahh!

Then, there's more blah blah with the radio ads and DJs. I don't mind news from Fly FM. It's funky and different. What I do mind are DJs who go in unprepared and long radio ads.

And so this site is a god-send - it's also free ;)

I get uninterrupted play of my favourite songs without any blah blah...whoopee!

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