Oct 17, 2016

21 Projek57 : A Movement Of Hope

Have you heard of it?

I didn't until this Merdeka Day (Malaysia Independence Day) when I joined a 'Raise The Flag' giveaway organised by Cebion Malaysia and was blessed with cool t-shirts for me and four of my friends. I was ecstatic.

Projek57 - A Movement Of Hope

A little curiosity and googling told me these weren't just any t-shirts. It was part of an initiative aimed at reminding Malaysians about the principles of 1957, the year Malaya achieved independence - Progressiveness, Unity, Tolerance, Diversity. A Movement of Hope founded by two guys who wanted to remind Malaysians how amazing our country was and can be if we worked together.

They are reaching out to people through community projects and the sale of t-shirts plus other merchandises that carry messages of patriotism.


Then there is the charity part. 40% of profits gained from the sale of these items are used for empowering single mothers and underprivileged children. Neat, right?

Facebook : www.facebook.com/projek57
Website : www.projek57.com

Just spreading the word on a good cause.

Oct 12, 2016

22 Eat Out : Salon Du Chocolat, Publika

My aunt was in KL for her medical review at GH. It's a half yearly thing. This was more than a month back, and I was tasked to find a place to 'lepak' (hang out).

Salon Du Chocolat popped into my radar whilst I was googling for yummy food in Publika. I knew it'd be the perfect place to bring my aunt and cousin since it was something none of us had tried before - waffles covered in smooth, creamy chocolate sauce drizzled on with a beautiful design.

These were the items we ordered. The stick waffle arrived first. One of the cheapest items on the menu.

Waffle Stick

The half moon waffle was absolutely gorgeous. We scooped every bit off the plate going, "Dark chocolate, mmmmm!".

Half Moon Waffle with Milk and Dark Chocolate

Then, there is this glorious wrap filled with fresh strawberries and chocolate crispies inside.

A Chocolate Wrap with Strawberries and Rice Crispies

The Inside of the Wrap

Finally, isn't this pretty? Pizza waffle with a small glass of chocolate heaven to dip the fruits in.

A Pretty Pizza Waffle by Salon Du Chocolat

Salon Du Chocolat at Publika Mall is a place that I love for its cosy ambiance but sincerely wished there were private corners where we could have heart--to-heart conversations with friends.

Salon Du Chocolat, Publika Mall

I misplaced the bill so I left the prices out. The waffle stick didn't cost more than RM15. The rest were between that and RM30, if I remember correctly.

~ On a need-to-know basis ~
My aunt shoved me a brown envelope that contained her medical report. "Nahh..." she said. I declined to look at it. "You're fine." I said.

Should I be assigned to cook and care for her again, the details would have been necessary, I thought. Other than that, I have never needed it to help anyone and have always preferred leaving people to decide for themselves if my knowing would really make them feel better. I didn't want her to feel that she had to report everything to me.

Some people are going to come into our lives for information, at times demanding, on the pretext of caring. Once they obtain it, they walk away. Not with any real intention to make anyone feel better. It is only a need to satisfy their curiosity and perhaps to be on the forefront of spreading the news as though they are or had been very much involved in the situation of helping.

The questions I ask myself  - Why do I need this information and what do I intend to do with it? And before I do ask - Will my asking make the other party feel better about themselves?  I do this to stop myself from unnecessarily hurting others. I have learned that some questions are best left unasked if it benefits no one.

As it was, my aunt said that she was in the clear. Happiness!


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