Nov 10, 2011

2 Aunt Aggie drops in to sprinkle some sunshine

A surprise visit! Aunt Aggie flew down. I'm thrilled. She's planned a secret Birthday party for Hubs and sent me a card with a private message ages ago, warning me of her impending arrival. That was a hint to arrange the party.

I've been too busy, of course. Aunt Em has been hospitalised again and this time, indefinitely. The time just went and things were done impromptu.

On one of the days, I took Aunt Aggie out to sight-see. We plopped ourselves onto a comfortable chair in Papparich after a long shopping session in Ikea. We didn't buy much. We just love looking at "stuff". Ikea products intrigue us. It was the land of imagination where homes were made from dreams.

We had a light snack. I was in the mood for something visually exciting and ordered the egg pudding in tau foo fah. I wouldn't say it was exceptionally great, but it was good enough for me to polish off the stemmed glass bowl.

A day I enjoyed. The Birthday party? Oh, that'll be in another write-up.

Egg Pudding + Tau Foo Fah


  1. Huh?? Egg pudding + custard?? + tau foo fah = funny combination! Nice meh?? I think I like to eat them separate! Hehe.

    Hey, regards to Aunt Em! Hope that could make a smile sikit...

    U take care, gal! Jangan kena the flu bug so often! Karate it away! Cheers!!

  2. Thanks, LG. Will let my Aunt know.

    My immune system sangat rendah these days. Need to buck up!

    The egg/tau foo fah combination was ok. Besides exploring places, we must also explore food varieties-la..ehehe ^.^


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