Jan 29, 2011

0 Serenia Gardens, Ampang

An ideal place for those wishing to live away from the hectic city lifestyle. Nestled deep within the valley of Sierra Ukay, surrounded by hills, trees and more trees, this would be the perfect hideout for lovers of the musical film, "The Sound of Music".

Serenia Gardens is a leasehold development priced from RM450k, going up as high as RM850k for a corner unit. Also an abandoned project by Talam, bailed out by IJM...wait....I said it wrong..it's a joint venture between Talam and IJM.

Two designs from what I can see. Photos were taken in October 2010. There's vacant land adjacent to this landed property which speaks of potential for more development. You and I can only hope that they maintain the green lung.

Our journey begins here ..

The road into Serenia Gardens

..The smell of fresh dewy air

2-storey terrace

Uhuh..green and hilly
.....Flood possibility? Best to check out.

The other 2-storey terrace design


See the jungle behind?

Natural born keh-poh-chis (busybodies), we drove around the neighbourhood.

Water tank

Ants, Termites and Roach control?

I would recommend....just kidding
but it is something to prepare for, when you live near the jungle
I read somewhere that there's some 80+ years left to this leasehold. Is it worth it? Food for thought.

While I dream of a home in the midst of lush greenery, I dread driving so far out to civilisation..I'm talking about the main hub of shopping. I love having easy access to big malls.

Jan 24, 2011

0 Chinese New Year Tree

The Chinese New Year tree has been a favourite family activity for generations. Probably the only art project we ever did together rather enthusiastically.

We used to walk the edge of the jungle looking for fallen pronged tree branches. The idea was that it must have enough prongs for us to hang the ang pows (red packets). This was back in my hometown where greenery was abundant.

Now that I live in the concrete city, I find myself competing with DBKL for these branches. Hell bent on getting one, I scoured the neighbourhood for tree trimming exercises - this was a couple of years back.

Today, this will do:

Plastic branch also ok-lar

With increasing reports of house break-ins, many neighbourhoods are now guarded and it is no longer friendly to strangers. I am reluctant to go round for fear of being marked as someone behaving suspiciously. Too conscious, perhaps.

Jan 19, 2011

0 Of 2011 Ang Pows (Red Packets)

Those were the days.. you could give out RM2 and RM4 ang pows and no one would complain. Heck, I even received twenty-cent ang pows and I was ecstatic over it. It never crossed my mind to say, "So little?". 

2s and 4s were significant numbers meant to convey "double" and "double the double" in prosperity wishes to the receiver, so grandma says.

The meaning is lost these days, no thanks to our constant chase for all things materialistic. Kids only see it as a means to buy that PlayStation or that Barbie doll.

Some free ang pow packets I got :

Love the mandarin orange colour
and tribute to nature

Hong Leong Bank goes traditional red,
giving significance to the Rabbit year

Bata does "safe" blossoms

Not free:
Bought from Tesco - Attractive gold!

This one will go to my parents - they deserve the best, don't they.. ;)

Jan 18, 2011

0 New notes for ang pow

I had wanted to get this done and over with today, but none of the banks I went to had received their stock of new notes. 

A busy morning, but not altogether unfruitful, for this is what I gathered for us who are giving out ang pows this year.

Maybank Sri Hartamas - January 19

RHB Sri Hartamas - January 24 (with ang pow packets)

Hong Leong Bank Sri Hartamas - January 19, afternoon
(2 ang pow packs per customer - already released)

Maybank Solaris - January 24

Public Bank Solaris - January 21

CIMB Solaris - January 24

Jan 10, 2011

0 Otai O-someness - Burgers that make you drool..for real

And I'm not talking about those at our regular fast food joints. For a FULL meal at a good price, try Otai burger. I ordered an Otai special with two eggs and everything in ... largely accounts for my prosperous belly.. the perfect start to 2011.

I'm talking about this!
Placing our orders @ 01.01.2011
Nice brown
One egg?
2 eggs lar! 
Yin and Yang
Place the meat in the center
Wrap the meat up
Vegetize the buns
Slap on the egg wrap
The final product
They have their own chilli sauce!

0 A second look at Suria Kinrara

Unsightly air-con units on the facade - is that any way to raise the value of your home/property investment? Way to go...you're on the right track to making Suria Kinrara an eyesore.

Block A (Facing main road)

Jan 8, 2011

0 Note to self..

Happy Birthday and don't forget, you need some "me" time and some tender loving care.

Those brown spots, deepening wrinkles and white hairs are not there without reason. Hell, that spare tyre didn't come from nowhere either.

Still in my thirties..ole!

Black forest cake..yummy...yum..

Jan 6, 2011

0 I really hate it when they say..

"Loan? ..easylar..sure can get one. First property somemore.", when we're negotiating for a lower price.

It's not the approval of the loan I'm worried about, it's the monthly repayments!

Jan 4, 2011

6 Suria Kinrara, Puchong - A home for many

A 4-block apartment priced between RM120k to RM140k for a 712sq unit with 3 rooms and 2 baths. Shophouses below. It's a good buy for any young person starting out in life and perfect for many in the lower income group. Also convenient transport-wise, the bus stops right in front.

I've met some of the neighbours, and I find them to be a decent lot. Noticed some units being renovated extensively. Designwise, boxy but not too typical a low cost look. First impressions point towards a sign that this could be a pretty ok-maintained place to live.

My only grouse would be the maintenance fee. At RM130 per month, that's tough on any retirees pocket...just saying, best to buy a home where you're not saddled with lifelong commitments.

Two rows
The open air car park for lower floors
Two swimming pools - this is one of it
Airy corridor
The airwell
Emergency escape
4 lifts to a floor
All doors come with a grill
The living hall (grill not provided)

The kitchen

Walkway to 3 rooms, 2 baths
Two baths - blue one attached to the master room
Room (no grill provided)
View from Blocks A and B (left side)
View from Blocks A and B (right side)
Location : Puchong, just round the bend from DAP's Puchong office.

Car Park : 1 lot allocated. RM40 per month to rent a second one.
Note: Covered car park for higher floor units (from the 11th floor, if I heard correctly)

Brief history : Abandoned by Talam, completed by IJM

Jan 3, 2011

0 Crispy Popiah Rolls with Seaweed and Fish snack

The most delicious snack I have had the honour to taste in 2010 - all the way from Singapore.

Made from popiah skin, seaweed sheets and a fish snack rolled together - fried crisped. The sweet, savoury flavour enthuses my taste buds with every crunchy bite.

Gorgeous natural colours

Munch, munch..errk, almost gone!

Mmm..now, where can I find these in KL? Possibly a 2011 New Year resolution in the making..

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