Jan 29, 2011

0 Serenia Gardens, Ampang

An ideal place for those wishing to live away from the hectic city lifestyle. Nestled deep within the valley of Sierra Ukay, surrounded by hills, trees and more trees, this would be the perfect hideout for lovers of the musical film, "The Sound of Music".

Serenia Gardens is a leasehold development priced from RM450k, going up as high as RM850k for a corner unit. Also an abandoned project by Talam, bailed out by IJM...wait....I said it wrong..it's a joint venture between Talam and IJM.

Two designs from what I can see. Photos were taken in October 2010. There's vacant land adjacent to this landed property which speaks of potential for more development. You and I can only hope that they maintain the green lung.

Our journey begins here ..

The road into Serenia Gardens

..The smell of fresh dewy air

2-storey terrace

Uhuh..green and hilly
.....Flood possibility? Best to check out.

The other 2-storey terrace design


See the jungle behind?

Natural born keh-poh-chis (busybodies), we drove around the neighbourhood.

Water tank

Ants, Termites and Roach control?

I would recommend....just kidding
but it is something to prepare for, when you live near the jungle
I read somewhere that there's some 80+ years left to this leasehold. Is it worth it? Food for thought.

While I dream of a home in the midst of lush greenery, I dread driving so far out to civilisation..I'm talking about the main hub of shopping. I love having easy access to big malls.


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