Nov 16, 2005

8 Chicken Story

It was a chicken affair in our office. The hens were always clucking and making a big hoo haa over things and all the chicks would be running around crying *unfair* helplessly. They always finished their tasks ambitiously for fear of getting the chop early.

All of them lived in a cage and didn’t believe that life existed beyond the coop. Anything beyond the coop was unsafe or dangerous and could not be any better than the slaughterhouse.

One by one they fell ill from sleepless nights. The daily crowing from the cock at ungodly hours were beginning to tire them out. They stopped looking lively and showed symptoms of a disease. The disease soon spread and began to look as though it was incurable.

The chicks were forced to defend themselves from the constant hoo haa. They found a solution ………. worms. Every worm fed to the hen would keep the hen and cock quiet.

The chicks started to have a peaceful life but it soon got out of hand. The constant worm feedings turned into a frenzy with chicks fighting for more worms. They were soon killing each other and forgot that all of them were there for the same purpose.

One chick, however, started thinking about the possibilities of life beyond the coop.

She thought, “After all, we’re going to end up in the slaughterhouse anyway, what else could be worse? There could be a nicer looking slaughter house than this one with better food too.”

So this chick planned the great escape. The chick asked around for the best slaughterhouses in the country. Then, it hit the chick to try a pet shop instead. The other chicks were skeptical preferring to believe that a pet shop would not give the chick the time of day.

The chick did not let this deter her. The chick took the first step out and was noticed immediately by the pet shop owner. The pet shop owner was impressed with the chick’s courage and enthusiasm for life. So he took the chick in.

Soon the chick was in the care of a loving owner to the envy of the other chicks. They wanted to be a part of the pet shop too. They started believing that there was more to life than being in a coop. The chick was very happy that she had opened possibilities from her actions.

The end.

The Harrowing Office Experience
Day in, day out
Paperwork and rout
No smiling team mates
No friendly dates

Everything’s a deadline
Everything’s mine
A cold hearted machine
They build us mean

There’s no time for caring
Work’s always outstanding
There’s no time for rest
To be considered the best

The stress was unimaginable
The backbiting intolerable
I finally broke down
Without a sound

I thought I’d never believe
In the midst of my grief
That life’s just out there
Waiting for me …. to take my share.

Sep 19, 2005

5 Poisoned

Food poisoning. That was all I had? Well, serves me right for not seeing the Doctor earlier.

Doctors and I aren't exactly the best of friends.

I'd been down with a tummy ache for about three days with fever I never knew I had. I did take some medication which I thought would cure me.....for gastritis. It didn't work and at the rate my tummy was bloating up, I swear I thought it was going to burst.

Hence, I decided to try out some chinese medication which would supposedly take out all the air in my tummy. That didn't work either. By then, I was rolling on the floor and getting dramatic. I thought I was going to die from some disease. Thoughts of "I'm too young to die!" began to take control. I was almost in puppy tears when I asked Daevid if he could take me to the Doctor.

And he said "I can't. I wanted to take you earlier but you didn't want to go. I now have an appointment. Can you wait?" I know...he's not the most romantic soul. That brought me down to earth.

I got up and drove myself down to a Clinic in Bangsar. A check here and there - Voila ! I had food poisoning and high fever. I was told to stay home for two days. :P :)

A step in the right direction
That's all I needed to take
But try I did to cure my condition
To avoid the Doc at any stake

My tummy bloated ..
I rolled on the floor
I finally relented
I could take no more !!

The Doc questioned me
"What took you so long??"
I replied sheepishly
I thought I was strong... ..
Me and my nonsense..

Sep 12, 2005

6 A Prayer For A Friend

I love my friends for who they are. Some are a pain in the you-know-where but it just makes them perfect and I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

They make my life so exciting that it's hard to imagine what I'd do without them.

Here's a prayer for all my friends. I wrote this when I was feeling very lonely. It was my first few months working in a new organisation and it was very challenging indeed.
Oh and yes, I'm still working in the same organisation.

Dear God,

Please bless my friends wherever they are
Show them they’re loved no matter how far

Even if they don’t reply my mails
Bless their souls, soothe their ails

Let them know I love them just the same
Mr Grumpy, Ms Obnoxious, whatever the name

Whatever their flaws is perfection to me
Whatever our sins, forgive us I ask thee

Whenever they’re hurt and feeling down
Give them a smile to forget the frown

God, my friends are important to me
They form a part of my family

Do give them a piece of my happiness
The one you gave me in my hour of loneliness


© Sharon D, 25th June 2003

Sep 4, 2005

To BLOG or not to blog.....

The typical beginning...Merc coerced me to blog somehow.

Nah..let me start again...once upon a time, there was this 30-something who lost her bearings and didn't know what to do. Write poetry..create a new recipe..go jogging..*yawn*. Everything didn't feel as exciting as it ought to be.

She decided "enough was enough" *play song - enough is enough* lalalalala

The end.

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