Sep 12, 2005

6 A Prayer For A Friend

I love my friends for who they are. Some are a pain in the you-know-where but it just makes them perfect and I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

They make my life so exciting that it's hard to imagine what I'd do without them.

Here's a prayer for all my friends. I wrote this when I was feeling very lonely. It was my first few months working in a new organisation and it was very challenging indeed.
Oh and yes, I'm still working in the same organisation.

Dear God,

Please bless my friends wherever they are
Show them they’re loved no matter how far

Even if they don’t reply my mails
Bless their souls, soothe their ails

Let them know I love them just the same
Mr Grumpy, Ms Obnoxious, whatever the name

Whatever their flaws is perfection to me
Whatever our sins, forgive us I ask thee

Whenever they’re hurt and feeling down
Give them a smile to forget the frown

God, my friends are important to me
They form a part of my family

Do give them a piece of my happiness
The one you gave me in my hour of loneliness


© Sharon D, 25th June 2003


  1. Hey, forgot to tell u, ur link to my blog should be changed as my blog address tukar liao!:P

  2. Thanks Merc ! ..Maybe I will survive this blogging thing after all...hehehe..

  3. WeeEeeeeeeeee..u blog(rock)!

  4. Drats..! Caught for blogging ..I'll never live through this day..sigh..:p :D

  5. Hey both of ur have an inane sense of humour! great partnership eh! ;P


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