Sep 29, 2014

10 The Unboxing Of The IKEA Bookbook™ XXL Exclusive Edition

IKEA Bookbook™ XXL Exclusive Edition

The Bookbook™ is all the rage now. When IKEA released the XXL version of the Bookbook™, I knew I had to get my hands on it!  If you still don't get what it's all about, it's time you visit Watch the full demo and be enlightened. I love the ad so much! 

Anyway, I dragged my visiting relatives to the store on the pretext of taking them shopping. When I saw the long queue near the entrance for the special edition, I started arguing inwardly with my conscience - Should I jump in and shoo the relatives off? No, wouldn't be right!  Long story short, I let it go but not without glancing back a couple of times. I didn't give up just like that though. When my relatives took a break in the restaurant, I rannnNnnn downstairs to check on the queue. True story and haha.

So how did I get this? I ordered it online, of course. IKEA's team was absolutely amazing. I received instant confirmation on the order and the package was delivered in a matter of days!

This post is really going to be about the unboxing of the limited edition IKEA Bookbook™ XXL aka Plus version that I've just received. It's double the fun and double the excitement!

Check out the unboxing in pictures:

IKEA Bookbook™ XXL - The Unboxing
I love the quick start guide. The word 'quick' is apt. I was able to use the Bookbook™ immediately. It really is an intuitive device that doesn't require us to crack our brains too much to figure out how to use it.

IKEA Bookbook™ XXL - Quick Start Guide

I love the battery life. It's been almost two weeks and I've never had to charge it once. The high-definition display is another plus point. There is absolutely no lag even though it is pre-installed with content that carries high resolution images. 

What kind of content are we looking at? Below is a screen shot of one of my favourite apps. It's called UsefulTips. Other than that, there's KitchenIdeas, BeddingBusiness, WardrobeWonder --- there's too many to list here!

Here is a glimpse of some of the content:

Well, that's about the features and stuff, but what about the durability. So, I did the 'bend test' to check how bendable this device could be. I needed to know how far it can go because I have a bad habit of leaving things everywhere and sometimes accidentally sit on it.

Bend test? Thumbs up!

Finally, how big is big? Here's a photo to give you an idea.

IKEA Bookbook™ XXL vs Bookbook™

Well, I hope you enjoyed my lengthy post on the IKEA Bookbook™ because I sure enjoyed writing and lol-ing over it!

Sep 23, 2014

14 A Cousin's Wedding Do At Passion Road

Invest in your marriage, not your wedding.

I was reminded of this lovely saying when I attended a cousin's wedding event recently. I thought it was sound advice not to overspend on weddings.

Passion Road, Kuala Lumpur

My cousin's beautiful moment was a small affair that included only the closest friends and family. Several relatives flew down for the special occasion. That's partly the reason my blog was left unattended for awhile. I'd been busy taking the family out around town. We shopped 'til our legs were wobbly. I'm exaggerating but it sure felt like it!

Anyway, I took some pictures of the wedding which was held at Passion Road - a cosy place located along Lorong Yap Kwan Seng. The decoration was fairy-tale like. The ambiance? Magical seems to be the right word. 

The Wedding Arrangement
The wedding cake was an attractive shade of blue that had us oohing and aahing all over it. Wait 'til you read what happened to the cake in the end! I'll post this story in my next blog post.

Another two of my cousins, both accomplished singers, were invited to perform live at the event. This is a video I recorded of them. Meet Genie (right) and Gabby (left)!

Loved their rendition of "All Of Me"? You can read more about the sisters on their facebook page at

Well, that's how last week went for me. It was hectic fun, but boy, do I miss their company already!

Sep 19, 2014

8 Much Ado About Curry Puffs

We get it at this little stall that's stationed in front of CIMB - The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Curry Puff Stall At The Strand

I love these curry puffs. It's not greasy and they didn't stinge on the filling. I don't remember ever making curry puffs in my younger days. Sardine puffs were more our thing. The family isn't very fussy about food. I don't think anyone ever really complained about eating the same thing over and over again. Sardine puffs, I mean. In fact, we looked forward to it.

I remember the time I stuck to eating McDonald's McEgg almost every other day just because it costs under a Ringgit. I had left my hometown for the city to pursue my studies. I was always conscious about burdening my parents. Every penny that could be saved was saved. I never once groused, "McD againnnnn! " You could say that I was one of those people who never had to think too much over what-to-eat and where-to-eat.

Curry Puff 

These curry puffs cost RM0.50 each. It's filled with tender curried potatoes. Flavour-wise, this is sweetish and spicy. My husband raves over these to no end. One evening, I received a phone message with several photos and an apology for over-feeding us. Ten, he bought ten!

"Ling, I took some photos so you could blog about it! " he informed me rather enthusiastically.

I was tickled by his insistence. So here it is on my blog today.

Curry Potato Filling

Just to give you a better idea what the stall looks like and where it is, I'm attaching another photo :

The Curry Puff stall in front of CIMB Bank, The Strand

He sells nasi lemak too. Nasi lemak is coconut milk rice that's usually topped with a spicy chili sauce along with some fried peanuts, anchovies and fresh cucumber (ingredients may vary). It is then wrapped in banana leaf, as you can see from the picture below.

They sell Nasi Lemak too!

That's the end of my curry puff post. I'm curious - are you into curry puff and if you are, where are you getting it from .....or do you make your own (whoa) ?

Sep 4, 2014

24 The IKEA bookbook™ - You'll Want One!

I, and many of my friends and family are IKEA obsessed people. My sister-in-law is obsessed with their Swedish meatballs.

"Sharon, meatballs? "

"Huh? But we just had it like Thank you."

My aunt is obsessed with their kitchen utensils. Jen just about purchased an entire box of glassware for Christmas presents last week.

"Sha, it's too heavy. This is all I can carry! "

I gave Jen the stare, which typically means I'll help but you owe me an ice cream.

Half the furniture that sits in my home was born in IKEA and flown in by a yellow stork on wheels. Several in my circle are obsessed with the bookbook™. What's that, you ask?

This is a commercial that was released earlier in the day on IKEA Malaysia' Facebook. It's so hilarious that I had to share it with you. Meet the bookbook™!

Have you gotten a copy of IKEA's bookbook™ yet? This is my stash. I swipe 5-6 copies from our apartment management office each year to mail out to friends and family.

Ikea Catalogue 2015

Although my people can't lug home half the stuff they see in the store (because they live so far away), they love IKEA's bookbook™ as much as they love their favourite paperback novel. You won't catch them reading any other home magazine - technically, this is a catalogue but for us, it's much more than that.

Some say "ee-key-a", some say it's "eye-key-a". Both are used widely. I'm leaving you with this video where Jake Gyllenhaal mentions that there are only two places where his name gets pronounced authentically. Guess where?


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