Sep 19, 2014

9 Much Ado About Curry Puffs

We get it at this little stall that's stationed in front of CIMB - The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Curry Puff Stall At The Strand

I love these curry puffs. It's not greasy and they didn't stinge on the filling. I don't remember ever making curry puffs in my younger days. Sardine puffs were more our thing. The family isn't very fussy about food. I don't think anyone ever really complained about eating the same thing over and over again. Sardine puffs, I mean. In fact, we looked forward to it.

I remember the time I stuck to eating McDonald's McEgg almost every other day just because it costs under a Ringgit. I had left my hometown for the city to pursue my studies. I was always conscious about burdening my parents. Every penny that could be saved was saved. I never once groused, "McD againnnnn! " You could say that I was one of those people who never had to think too much over what-to-eat and where-to-eat.

Curry Puff 

These curry puffs cost RM0.50 each. It's filled with tender curried potatoes. Flavour-wise, this is sweetish and spicy. My husband raves over these to no end. One evening, I received a phone message with several photos and an apology for over-feeding us. Ten, he bought ten!

"Ling, I took some photos so you could blog about it! " he informed me rather enthusiastically.

I was tickled by his insistence. So here it is on my blog today.

Curry Potato Filling

Just to give you a better idea what the stall looks like and where it is, I'm attaching another photo :

The Curry Puff stall in front of CIMB Bank, The Strand

He sells nasi lemak too. Nasi lemak is coconut milk rice that's usually topped with a spicy chili sauce along with some fried peanuts, anchovies and fresh cucumber (ingredients may vary). It is then wrapped in banana leaf, as you can see from the picture below.

They sell Nasi Lemak too!

That's the end of my curry puff post. I'm curious - are you into curry puff and if you are, where are you getting it from .....or do you make your own (whoa) ?


  1. I am into curry puff! Love crusty crust and generous potatoes inside. I dont have any favourite place to get mine because I tend to try this and that out.

    Oooh. If only my hubby is at that area, I will ask him to tapau some for me. Drooling!!

    1. That's how I feel when I read your food posts, Rose! I'm always wishing I'm in the area...haha I can have a taste too!

  2. Your darling is so thoughtful. I love karipap but seldom have it now, most of the time get disappointed with the taste, can't find a good consistent stall yet.

    1. Aww...Ez, I hope you find one that suits your taste soon ;)

  3. woohoo typical Malaysian breakfast!
    I like curry puff too
    especially the petaling street one
    hehe arrghh just think of it already drooling

    1. Ooo..where in Petaling Street? I'd like to try too!!

  4. argghhhh!!! so far away!!!! would love to try this.... the filling look full of flavors

    1. Haha..looks like there's a number of curry puff enthusiasts here!


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