May 14, 2014

14 Putrajaya : Sightseeing

Millennium Monument
The Millennium Monument is an interesting structure. It is the first national monument to be built in Putrajaya.

Some of the things that make this place special:

- Our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, buried a time capsule at the base of this tower. It will be unearthed in year 2020.

- The structure is designed to look like Malaysia's national flower, the hibiscus, when viewed from the top.

- It acts like a lighthouse at night. Sweeping light across the area, it serves as a guide for cruise boats as well.

- The glass panel along the railing is engraved with a little of our history.

Putra Mosque

Putra Mosque is a sight to behold. The minaret is one of the highest in the district with five tiers, a representation of the Five Pillars of Islam.

There are many beautiful buildings in Putrajaya. The mosque is just one of it.

Marina Putrajaya

We made a stop at Marina Putrajaya out of curiosity. Marina Putrajaya is a water-sports facility. There's waterskiing, wakeboarding, yachting, a swimming pool and even 'Flyboard-ing'. Until recent, I've never heard of a 'Flyboard'. It's something for thrill seekers, I soon found out. 

More photos of what I saw from this spot:

Marina Putrajaya Stadium

Ministry Buildings at Dataran Gemilang

From left: Attorney General Chambers,
Ministry of Rural and Regional Development,
Ministry of Communication and Multimedia,
Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government,
Ministry of Women, Family and Community

Fresh hanging flowers along the floating dock

Driving around Putrajaya is always peaceful. There aren't many cars on the road. The streets are quiet on weekends. Here's another beautiful building we saw - the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

In 2012, it won the award for Best Congress & Convention Centre in Asia - Business Destinations (Travel Awards).

A little about the number one in front of the flag poles. This is the symbol of the 1Malaysia slogan, which is often blasted on our radio and TV. It is an initiative by our current Prime Minister calling for national unity and efficient governance.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Moving on, Putrajaya has many beautiful bridges. I blogged about it here. This is the Seri Wawasan Bridge.

Seri Wawasan Bridge

If you have noticed, many of Putrajaya's iconic buildings and scenic spots surround a huge lake. It is very well maintained. There are several parks in the area. There are also little huts, like the one below, and benches for people to sit and enjoy the view.

Every time I see this photo, I envision myself sitting on a red-checkered picnic mat, weaved basket beside, sandwich in hand, wearing a wide hat, book, fluffy pillow...nah, that's not even possible until late evening, not even under this hut! Hot and humid weather it is until rain clouds appear. If it were cool and sunny here, I'd be hanging outdoors all day. How nice that would be.

I found a picnic spot!

Well, that's just a small taste of Putrajaya. I have yet to visit the botanical garden, the wetland park, agriculture park, empangan park.... phew! That many!



  1. Nice pictures. Never been there.

    1. It's a lovely place. The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is held here annually. Now, that's a sight to behold ^.^

  2. I like to drive around putrajaya too, nice view. We will make another trip there soon.

  3. I've never been either but you're right - it looks very peaceful. I want to see the Millennium monument from the top now!

    1. Haha..I wish I could get a picture from the top! Now that would be something! ;)

  4. Very nice architecture! The mosque looks like something I've seen in Brunei.

    1. Yes, many built to inspire and some with amazing backgrounds ^.^

  5. gorgeous ...lovely

    my recent one :

  6. nice spot for picnic ^^
    first time heard about flyboard
    and browse the picture to have a look
    seem so fun...but i dunno how to swim
    it will be fun for those love water sport

    1. It does seem fun, doesn't it. I can't swim either <-- the cat's out of the bag. I'll be petrified out!

  7. Awesome place to visit I have never been to putra jaya.

    1. Well, if you do, I can imagine the pictures! ^.^


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