Nov 24, 2015

22 I Caved In - My R2-D2 Cereal Container and Koko Krunch

I'm a sucker for these things. I resisted the temptation to buy it the first time I saw it on the shelves of Tesco supermarket using priceyness a reason. How did I end up with one anyway?

Koko Krunch and R2-D2 Cereal Container

The hubster, of course! He cajoled his way into my heart, insisting that he was doing it for me. He knows that I love Koko Krunch. But, I know him for a huge Star Wars fan and that, made me really suspicious. Hmmm...I caved in, in the end because it was such a cute container for adults to have. ...You mean it's for kids? I'll have you know that I'm a kid at heart!

Here it is, the unboxing of my ..(or is it the hubs?) R2-D2 cereal and milk container.

R2-D2 Cereal and Milk Container

Is it not awesome? R2-D2's head is really a bowl.

R2-D2 Cereal and Milk Container - It's a nice size!

One half of the container is fitted with a bottle screw cap. This is where the milk goes. The other half has a flip lid. This is where the cereal goes.

R2-D2 Cereal and Milk Container

There you have it. My most interesting purchase this month. Did you buy anything 'exciting' recently?

Nov 17, 2015

18 Wat Chetawan - Kathina Ceremony

Hubs and I were self-appointed tour guides to visiting relatives last Sunday. One of the places we popped into for some sightseeing was Wat Chetawan, a Thai Buddhist Temple located in Petaling Jaya. 

Wat Chetawan

We were surprised to see many cars and a large crowd. "Why so many people geh?" we wondered. A banner on the wall revealed that a Kathina ceremony was in session. Lucky us to have come at the right time! Kathina is a robe offering ritual that happens annually. During the festival, Buddhist devotees show their gratitude to the monks by donating money or items to the temple - mainly new robes, on this day. I was informed that each monk is allowed to receive two pieces of robes each year, no more than that.

We parked by the roadside a distance away as the carpark was full.

Below is a picture of the majestic entrance to the temple grounds.

Wat Chetawan - The Entrance

This is an overview of the place, which houses several shrines, a shop, a columbarium, a bell tower and other religious buildings.

Wat Chetawan Temple Grounds

Wat Chetawan Main Shrine

In the main shrine is a row of golden Buddha statues, each holding a pot. This is where important ceremonies are held.

Golden Buddha Statues

Wat Chetawan Main Shrine

The Sleeping Buddha Shrine.

Sleeping Buddha

We stayed to watch the procession. It began with devotees in the first few rows singing and dancing. They led the rest who carried various offerings, the most interesting being the money tree which I gathered from the web is called Badaytha Bin. Rain began to fall about ten minutes in. I took shelter at the bell tower, still watching the procession.

After circling the grounds several times, the devotees finally walked up the steps into the main shrine, where the monks where. Then, the chanting began. We left the place at this point.  I understand from my sister-in-law who is a Buddhist, that offerings will be presented after the chants.

Kathina Procession

Buddhist devotees heading into the main shrine to make offerings

I took the opportunity to record a short video of the event when I waited for the rain to stop.

Finally, fancy authentic Thai food? There's a makan (eatery) corner near the Sleeping Buddha shrine. We would have stopped for a meal, but we were still full from breakfast. Another time, surely!

A Thai Eatery

Nov 2, 2015

26 A Stay At Prescott Hotel Kajang - Part 2

In April, I shared about my wonderful stay at Prescott Hotel Kajang. That was not the end of the story, however. It has a Part 2! Going ha-ha yet? I was so tied up with taking care of my relatives that I neglected my blog for several months.

Anyway, on to the continuation of this missing piece of the story. You see, the electricity tripped that night, not once but twice. The maintenance staff was extremely apologetic about it and offered to move us to another unit. I was surprised to walk into a spacious corner room - an upgrade! Here I stayed for two relaxing days.

Prescott Hotel Kajang

I love waking up with the sun on my face even if I scrunch it in protest at the early wake-up call. I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned in my blog that I have no curtains in my living room, just see-through rattan blinds which rays of sunlight can stream through. Bright and airy, that's how I love my home.

Prescott Hotel Kajang

Below are pictures of the rest of the room. At night, we relaxed at the TV corner and feasted on street food that we had packed back on our walkabout around town. The large shelves held only our half-full backpacks. We traveled light. The bathroom is equipped with all the basic necessities. And finally, that's me fooling around with the hair dryer which is attached to the drawer. I was just trying to show my friends back home how difficult it is to blow-dry my hair whilst standing up, with such a short cable.

The hotel provides a simple buffet breakfast for which I will offer no complaint. Lets just say that I am no Ms Eggs Benedict and am completely at peace to walk away grateful with a full stomach to start the day's adventure. I'm really not much of a fusspot.

Buffet Breakfast

There ends the tale of my very-pleasant stay at Prescott Hotel Kajang.

- Kajang : Things To See and Do


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