Nov 27, 2014

14 Popular's All RM5 Book Fiesta

Books at RM5? It's a recipe for getting carried away! I have never not been tempted by anything good that's sold at bargain price, and this has made me adept at sniffing out best buys. I am, however, nowhere near amazing at it though - not like those guys in Extreme Couponing, a TV show that had me in awe.

Anyway, I spent my Sunday morning at Viva Home Shopping Centre. They say the early bird catches the worm and this is exactly how I would describe my experience. I was there before the shutters opened. I grabbed what I wanted in under an hour and marched to the payment counter, free from queue and crowd ;)

Popular's All RM5 Fiesta

The selection for home and cookery books was not as extensive as I had hoped. I guess it's more of a sale to clear old stock. But who's complaining? Not me, for sure. What a great move to make way for new titles to fill the store ... and it's always good that books be made affordable to all.

Popular's All RM5 Fiesta

My Stash

Half of these will be placed under my Christmas tree. Some will be sent to the office. I didn't buy much for myself after all...or did I? Not telling! (Lets be cryptic about this because I'm feeling slightly embarrassed about my lack of self control.)

At Home Admiring My Books

The RM5 Fiesta ends on 30th Nov. There's still time to check it out. ;)

Nov 21, 2014

21 Up Goes My Christmas Tree!

I'm a little early this year. Our radio was switched on to Lite FM. They were playing beautiful love songs from the 80s that night. The mood was so right for an activity-filled night. Hubby and I decided to put the Christmas tree up.

We went with the purple, pink, blue and silver balls. The gift under the tree is from my aunt - it was given to us in September. Yes, funnily early. I have resisted opening it. An 'A' for patience? Well, I don't want to have NO presents to open on Christmas night!

In 2013, I had visualised a tree of gold. But ... I missed the clearance sale for the gold baubles! Next year then, if I don't change my mind ;)

Our Christmas Tree

Baby, It's Cold Outside is one of my favourite tunes. This version is sung by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble. The kids in the video are adorable - makes my insides all warm and fuzzy. Who needs hot cocoa with songs like these ❤

Have you got a favourite holiday song?

Nov 13, 2014

15 Kuala Lumpur : Perdana Botanical Garden's Sunken Paradise

One plot of green remains in front of my apartment. It has been earmarked for the development of a slew of high-rise hotels and offices. At the speed things are going, it's safe to say that I will be living in a concrete jungle five years from now. My heart sobs at the thought of losing the sunset view too.

There is one place in the city that still holds the charms of old 'green' KL. That's Perdana Botanical Garden, formerly named Lake Gardens, which has been around since 1888. This is a public park that houses many plant collections like Plumerias, Heliconias, rare fruit trees, orchids and so forth.

The Sunken Garden is one of my favourite stops in this huge park.

Sunken Garden, Perdana Botanical Garden

It's round and slopes down. A star-shaped water fountain sits in the center. I was here to warm up my rusty muscles before the Guardian Walkathon.

Sunken Garden, Perdana Botanical Garden

Sunken Garden, Perdana Botanical Garden

Visitor info : Getting around the park is fairly easy with proper signboards along the way. If you're tired, you can hop onto the shuttle tram to the next stop. Guided walks are available for free too, but only on Sundays. However, a booking must be made in advance. Details can be found here

If you see these little 'photostop' signs, it's a tip that you can snap a nice picture from this spot.

Take a photo here at the Sunken Garden!

What I've shared here is just a little piece of the park. It's a lovely place for a Sunday walk. I will be back again, armed with a picnic basket this time ....mayYyyybe ;)

Nov 5, 2014

10 My HOMEDEC 2014 Adventure

One of the events I look forward to yearly is the the Home Decor and Design Exhibition (HOMEDEC).

It's how I keep in touch with what's new and exciting in the decor world. I'm not planning on renovating my home anytime soon, but I can be moved to make little changes if something catches my liking. Grin. 

A house is just a roof over your head. It is the little things we put inside it that makes it a home. Little things like laughter, mementos, hobbies, your favourite colour on a wall, a sofa that has seen your friends, stuff that says 'you'  or 'family' . A home is something you build over the years and holds your greatest memories - that's how I see it. 

These are pictures I took at the exhibition last week. I'm sharing some of my favourite brands.

Aino Living, being one of it. At HOMEDEC, the focus was on their Kitchen and Wardrobe systems. I know Aino for their kitchenware. I pop into their store whenever I get the chance.

In fact, I was at their 1Utama branch just last night! The Christmas decor was already up and there were plenty of kitchen goodies that would make nice gifts. I noticed a couple of lovely baking sets which were going for under a hundred ringgit, and beautiful glasses for just under ten!

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? 

Aino Living

I first fell in love with Lebensstil for their classic fans. It was the one thing I really wanted (not needed) for my home during my early days of owning a house. I never got round to buying one. This was ten years ago, and I still go, "Wow..."

The SUMMER hot water system by Solartech is a neat product. It uses solar energy to heat water. That means saving on electricity bills.The aluminium enclosure can be recycled. I love the way they did their booth. It's inviting.

If I owned landed property, I would have this installed.


i~wals by Trocellen gives character to walls. This innovative wall is one of the items I considered an exciting find. It's sold in pieces. Each piece is layered with adhesive backing. Simple to install, convenient and easy to clean too.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think I should get a box of these!


Finally, the last picture I'm sharing in this post. On my walkabout, I saw many unique bathroom accessories and cute items.

One of it is this skybath, a rain shower head that is equipped with a light that changes colour. For a moment, I envisioned myself having a disco party in the shower. Funny, I know.

If you feel that you want roaring thoughts to fill your mind during a relaxing bath in the tub, then this dragon head bathtub faucet could be your cup of tea.

Who knew a fire extinguisher could look this good. I have one at home, but not this prettily dressed. Do you like it? 

Top : Skybath
Bottom-right : Dragon bathtub faucet
Bottom-left : Fancily dressed fire extinguisher

Well, that's how I spent my weekend. It was fun. If you're into home decor or just want to upgrade certain things, keep this exhibition in mind.

Did I mention that they do giveaways too? Follow HOMEDEC on Facebook ... ;)


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