Jan 26, 2008

0 Ignorance is bliss...

The thing is....I never knew I had poor vision until I got a pair of glasses.

Now, it's like..gosh.. I could read toilet signs from this distance? God...I always thought our TV channels were blur because someone couldn't fix the antenna right...and oh, I can recognise friends in shopping complexes!

I'm seeing amazing things ever since and it's becoming harder and harder to go without glasses, not when I now know that things just look darn good through them.

Jan 19, 2008

0 Buying a gift for someone special?

I love gifts. I love the challenge of figuring out how to fit in whatever I have received, into my home somehow. And it's really great to see what's under the wrapper - it gives me a perception of how the giver views me ;)

My birthday is just two weeks after Christmas. So yeah, it's been a couple of exciting weeks. Time to take a breather to talk about my bf - who's just so sweet.

"Wow, he must have gotten you something really nice and romantic" ...ahh..so you think. But year in and year out, it's just amusing to see him panic as the Birthday date draws near. Sometimes he just fails miserably and it's going to be something belated or nothing at all.

Note that I'm not fussy about not getting anything at all - he just insisted that it was a must-thing for him to do. Who am I to stop this gallant notion?

This year, I decided to give him a break...or so I thought....

I gave him a subtle hint....mm..ok, maybe not so subtle but still he fell for it and thought he was the genius.

I had the plan in motion a couple of months before - whenever we pass a shop with this cute doll, I would point out to him how I'd love to have it but would always delay buying it, saying that I didn't have the time yet. I did this until December ;) Wuhahaha..it worked! ..Well..not exactly...

I didn't expect it to come in for Christmas...kakaka ;p and so, when my Birthday arrived - it was the same old story...he panicked, picked me up late from work, full of apologies and those pity puppy eyes. Now, who could resist not forgiving someone who does that?

Well....at least I got what I wanted..mm...now, to convince him that I need another one, but with a different design ;)

Jan 18, 2008

0 Dizzying encounter with Cloverfield

For the first time in our lives, my partner and I walked out of a movie before it ended.

It wasn't because the show was lousy..we just couldn't hold our stomachs. .weak..weak..weak!

A monster story seen through a handheld camera, held by an unsteady hand (what with all the commotion)...there was this quesy feeling in my stomach after 45 minutes and my partner looked like he was going to barf anytime. It sure felt like motion sickness.

Anyway, I liked the plot..I'm just mad that the moviemakers had to do it this way...they could have made 2 versions..one for people who don't barf easily and one for those who do.

Now I'll never know the ending..sigh... goodbye Cloverfield..I will never watch it again.

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