Jan 18, 2008

0 Dizzying encounter with Cloverfield

For the first time in our lives, my partner and I walked out of a movie before it ended.

It wasn't because the show was lousy..we just couldn't hold our stomachs. .weak..weak..weak!

A monster story seen through a handheld camera, held by an unsteady hand (what with all the commotion)...there was this quesy feeling in my stomach after 45 minutes and my partner looked like he was going to barf anytime. It sure felt like motion sickness.

Anyway, I liked the plot..I'm just mad that the moviemakers had to do it this way...they could have made 2 versions..one for people who don't barf easily and one for those who do.

Now I'll never know the ending..sigh... goodbye Cloverfield..I will never watch it again.


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