Sep 5, 2020

3 Durian Ice Cream (The Shortcut)

A couple of months ago, we bought a tub of Durian ice cream to try. 'Made with Real Durian' was printed on the label. We enjoyed it thoroughly and bought another tub soon after.

Then I thought to myself, "Why not buy durian and make our own.."

So I suggested to Hubs that we get some durian and mix that into a tub of vanilla ice cream. That way, we can flavour it with as much durian as we like. It turned out to be the perfect combination. 

Ice Cream with Real Durian

We popped by Hartamas to visit our favourite durian seller, deciding that Musang King was really an unnecessary choice as we enjoy most durians regardless of variety. Now, just to clear something - I can't say that I'm a big fan of durians since I only ever eat at most two seeds of the flesh. I find it more enjoyable in ice creams or as a keropok flavour.

Anyway, this ice cream project was set in motion as soon as we got home. My husband was that excited!

First, we removed the seeds. Then, we mixed the durian flesh with the vanilla ice cream. I smoothed the top, cleaned the sides of the container and placed it into the freezer. 

Vanilla Ice Cream with Real Durian

A couple of hours later -Voila! The best tasting durian ice cream you can imagine. Easy, right?


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