May 20, 2014

8 The Internet Bookworm

Have you ever wondered if anyone reads your blog for real? I don't mean just popping in for a comment. I almost always do. Maybe it's because I have time on my hands. Maybe I'm an internet bookworm. Who knows.

I used to read into the wee hours of the morning. There was this unexplainable need to finish the book against good judgement. Perhaps the bags under my eyes are not tied to my genes after all. It could be a result of countless late nights dedicated by a drive to know 'what happened next' in the story.

As I grew older, my interest dimmed. I was tired from work, gym and I got caught up with being a zesty 20-something. This is good tired. I come home, zonk out and wake up with thoughts of taking over the world. I had the gojira roar.   

The internet wave hit soon after. The job? Less inspiring. I became bad tired. Lethargic. It was time to buy a house and a car. Reports and numbers were my new social life. I still read. Insurance manuals, staff memos, employment act, if that's what you call reading. Spirited life slipped away. Domino mundaneness followed... 

Fast forward today, I read blogs and news portals. It started out as a way to simply pass time but now, it's how I keep myself updated with what's going on in the world. Even books are going digital. I felt guilty about it for awhile. I asked myself if I was killing book authors out there. Will future likes of Stephen King and Jane Austen be no more? Our music collection began on a vinyl record. Now, it's on youtube, free. Aaah..I dwell on this too much!   

I love blog reading. You get to engage the author. That makes it really interesting. I feel a connection. I even read an entire fantasy series on a blog the other day. The only thing 'not fun' about blog reading is that you never know when the next story is going to be posted. I'm going to 'haha' this with a finger pointing back at me. Silly.

Sometimes, I find gems of advice, like these:

Let me be the first to say that my mom told me that if you don't have something good to say, just don't say it ~ Abbe Odenwalder (This IS How I Cook)

My dad always says, "People who don't save, live hand to mouth." ~ Izdiher

Sometimes, you need a break from your family, and travelling alone can give you time to relax and sort things out ~ Shirley Tay (Luxury Haven)

In one's journey in life, it is important to experience all sorts of things; be it sweet (and lovely), unpleasant (sour), sad (bitter) and spicy (excitement). ~ Trishie (Under Lock And Key)

But who needs those branded bags anyway. Who to judge your value based on the items you carrying or putting around your body? ~ Rose (Rose' World)

These words are born out of real experiences. The internet is a wealth of real life stories, of which many will never be printed into books.

No longer am I limited to knowledge passed down by what my ancestors have experienced either. I may have learned the basics of cooking from mom, but I learned tricks and techniques from the internet. I have quite a collection of printed recipe books. I sheepishly admit that this is most likely a burgeoning hobby like stamp collecting.

So, am I becoming an internet bookworm? I guess. My pet peeve about it - I can pick up a book and read it for two hours straight without disturbance. Try doing that on a pc without someone saying, "Get off the computer already!". Oh, the unfairness. Crossing my arms and pursing my lips on this one.

I end this post with a small quote...which I may or may not elaborate on later. Now I'm just being cheeky.


  1. Nice post, Sharon. And wow, thanks for quoting me. ^_^

  2. What an awesome post, Sharon! Thanks for linking up, & I thought that was rather adorable! I love to read a lot too, & I used to be a librarian in school! These days, I'm just glued to the screen which is really bad for my eyes :<

    1. Oh, yes...the eyes! I wish something could be done about that (~_-)

  3. Sharon-how true and how sweet and just a really good post. I never know what people take away when they read my blog, but this made me feel so good. Thank you for that, my friend. Our paths have certainly crossed and maybe one day we will meet-and not just virtually!

    1. Thank you, Abbe. I hope so too! It would be nice to meet for real!

  4. hmm...I love blogwalking too
    yes that's direct engagement btw the author
    and we learn somethg new and updated by doing so
    lol im learning frm ur blog too as well

    1. are so sweet, Emily. I enjoy really your stories - lots of places I have yet to visit!


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