Jul 8, 2018

16 Ipoh : Lost World Of Tambun, Theme Park Pt.1

Sunway Lost World of Tambun is divided into several exciting parks with loads of fun things to do. For this reason, a one-night stay wasn't sufficient for us. We did two! Holidays are meant to be relaxing, right? We planned it in such a way that Day One would be spent exploring Kampar until we could check into the hotel. Then it was sightseeing nearby areas. Day Two involved a whole day and night at the theme park.

Lost World Hotel guests receive discount vouchers to the day theme park and free entrance to the night one. They also offer amazing deals throughout the year - keep a lookout for that on their social media pages! Before you go buying tickets in advance, make sure you've done your research. For entrance and rental prices, click here.

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh

It takes at least a whole day to experience the best the park has to offer so starting the fun as soon as it opens is the smartest way to go about it. That's 10am or 11am, by the way. The rules of the park are simple - No outside food allowed. Bring proper swim wear, or not (Malaysia mahh). Once you go in, you don't leave until you're done because re-entry means purchasing another ticket.

After a full buffet breakfast, we made our way to the theme park carrying a backpack of slippers, swimming essentials and anything we thought was important to protect us from the sun. Our bags were checked for food upon entry. All clear!

The first thing we did was get a group photo for memories. The park assistant helped us snap one on our camera for free. He also snapped one of us on his but whether we purchased that at the end of the day was up to us completely - no pressure, no pressure.

The next thing we did was head for the amusement rides as there was no queue yet. We hopped on this pirate ship that swings back and forth, 180 degrees. When you get on this one, you go, "WooooOoo" as it swooshes down.

Stormrider Pirate Ship

This is a mini roller coaster, Perak's first. It's pretty cool and goes through a small tunnel. Not very scary but it is fun to scream so we let out a mega, "AaahhHHHh!!!". I must tell you that we're only brave and showy with the little rides. Anything more extreme and you'll find tears running down our faces and us walking in a zigzag manner after the ride. Lol, the shame.

Perak's First Roller Coaster

Then, there's the carnival games where you can win soft toys and the heart of your girlfriend. Our men came back empty handed. My aunt and I were determined to beat the system.

"This one guarantee can win? " No harm asking, right?

"Oh, yes! "  Confirmed the booth assistant to my surprise, but my aunt wasn't convinced and opted for throwing balls into a bin which looked easy seeing how close it was to us. We lost at first throw and that was that. It was back to the guarantee-win stall after that, a matter of scooping up ducks and collecting enough points for a prize! In short and poor us, we beat the system at a price. You know the saying, "Don't ask, don't know".

The guys? They were impressed alright. Had they known ...

Carnival Games At Lost World Of Tambun

Argh! We didn't have time for a ride on the Adventure Express.

The Adventure Express

There were so many places to explore from the Tin Valley to the Petting Zoo. Our last stop was the water park for a swim before it closes for the next day.

Lost World Water Park

Kids Explorabay

As you can see, there is no way I can fit everything into one post so I am going with several. Be back with Part 2 soon.

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
Address: 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway, Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +6 05-540 8888
Closed every Tuesday, except on Malaysian school and public holidays.


  1. I have never been to a theme park..thought I am too old for that :-))) Looks like that you had a fun time there.

    1. Angie, we're the young-at-heart people ..haha! ^.^

  2. All these years, I haven't been inside the Lost World.

    1. Go, Nancy. Check out their RM1 Wednesday deal ;)

  3. I love theme park. I never miss riding the pirate ship when I go to one. Haha.

    Must keep this place as a travel list. Bet my kids would enjoy it.

    1. I bet they would - this place is good for young and old ;D

  4. If I go, I can stay there for a day, hehe...

    1. High 5, Sharon! Exactly what we did and still it wasn't enough time. ;P

  5. This places really looks fun for kids and uncles like me! Your photos reminds me of some places inside the HKG Disneyland. I always prefer when Theme Parks are crowded in cold weather! Shiok lah!

    1. So much fun to be had in this place, TM. It is huge. There was also a good crowd here since it was the weekend but we were first in line so it was easy for me to snap photos. And I did it quickly before people cluttered my camera view ..haha!

  6. wow! it reminds me of my previous adventure
    I think there is much more things to do inside there
    the night spa should be wonderful
    waiting for your second part

    1. There were so many attractions that I found it impossible to put it in one post, and I think not even two would do. Haha.

  7. It’s awesome being a big kid for a day, isn’t it? xoxo

  8. Look like so relaxing trip. I want to visit this part of perak soon.


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