Jul 25, 2018

18 Ipoh : Lost World Of Tambun, Theme Park Pt.2

"Welcome to Tin Valley!  " my aunt hilariously mimicked a tour guide.

Welcome to Lost World of Tambun's Tin Valley!

Tin Valley is part of the Lost World of Tambun, a theme park which I had blogged about halfway due to space constraints:  Ipoh : Lost World Of Tambun, Theme Park Pt.1 . This place takes us back to the booming era of Ipoh's tin mining industry. We were given an opportunity to try our hand at how it's done traditionally here. We had to swirl the soil with water in a dulang (round tray) until tin particles could be seen. Phew, this was not an easy task but on a brighter note, it's great arm-slimming exercise!

Panning For Tin Ore

Further down the path, we saw life-sized elephant sculptures which we could climb up to for photographs. It is said that a pet elephant named Larut played a significant role in Perak's tin mining history - the owner having discovered rich deposits of tin after finding his lost pet covered with some of it.

On The Way To Tin Valley and Adventures At
Bottom right: Needle of Tambun aka Pencil Rock

The view from this spot is stunning and the greenery is what my grandma would say, "Good for the eyes." That tall slim rock in the background is called 'Needle of Tambun ' or 'Pencil Rock '.

Needle of Tambun (View From Swan Lake)

It was already noon when we stepped into Tin Valley. Our stomachs were growling so we popped into Dulang Tea House for food. It's a beautiful kopitiam built under a rock formation of limestone hills. The ambiance is a nostalgic feel of Ipoh's past. The food listed on the menu is said to be a popular choice of tin miners back in the day.

Lost World of Tambun Dulang Tea House

Chiak hami arh, aunty?

Empty tummies do not make wise decisions. We over-ordered but was saved by the waitress who advised us that the portion would be too much for us to take on. She was right. Thank God for good people. 

Kopitiam Favourites

Half Boiled Egg

Love trying something new ..or old, in this case? This rock hard bread is called Biskut Lutut. Not advisable for anyone with false or loose teeth. I was tempted to swing this bread around like a weapon. Best enjoyed softened in coffee.

Biskut Lutut

Well, that's about it on our walkabout in the Tin Valley. It was a fun place to be and I'm missing the food already.

I'll be back with Pt. 3 to share about our adventures at the Petting Zoo. Such a long cerita (story) just for the Lost World of Tambun, right?

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
Address: 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway, Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +6 05-540 8888
Closed every Tuesday, except on Malaysian school and public holidays.


  1. It would be wonderful to dip those hard bread into that soft boiled egg.

    1. Oh, now you're just making me hungry, Angie ;D

  2. Interesting place to visit. I would love to learn more about the past, our history, the tin industry. The dulang tea house in the rock formation is awesome. And your lunch looked tempting and delicious too.

    Love the crockery and cup and saucer they used. So nostalgic and bring us back to olden days.

    1. I am into days of old too. It was an era where people were happiest even with the simplest things.

  3. I haven't been inside The Lost World. I didn't know that it has so much to offer. Really interesting!

  4. Your post shared different photos from other bloggers. The cave ambiance is so inviting. I hope to visit this place when I pass Tambun.

    1. Go for it, TM - It's a very fun place and there is much to experience.

  5. I wouldn't mind being a tourist in my own country! xoxo

    1. Haha ...I'm always touristing my own country, Shirley! ^.^

  6. Wow so many parts
    wonder if got part 4 now hehehehe
    by the way I visited this place before
    And I really amazed their creativity to build the kopitiam under the rock cave formation
    I think I went LWOT but I never blog about it LOL
    I will go Ipoh again coming weekend hehe

    1. Kannn... I think I should think about a Part 4 ..lol!
      Looking forward to reading your post, Emily xx

  7. I should visit this place one day. Look like a fun place. Can bring my old parent here too.


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