Sep 19, 2005

5 Poisoned

Food poisoning. That was all I had? Well, serves me right for not seeing the Doctor earlier.

Doctors and I aren't exactly the best of friends.

I'd been down with a tummy ache for about three days with fever I never knew I had. I did take some medication which I thought would cure me.....for gastritis. It didn't work and at the rate my tummy was bloating up, I swear I thought it was going to burst.

Hence, I decided to try out some chinese medication which would supposedly take out all the air in my tummy. That didn't work either. By then, I was rolling on the floor and getting dramatic. I thought I was going to die from some disease. Thoughts of "I'm too young to die!" began to take control. I was almost in puppy tears when I asked Daevid if he could take me to the Doctor.

And he said "I can't. I wanted to take you earlier but you didn't want to go. I now have an appointment. Can you wait?" I know...he's not the most romantic soul. That brought me down to earth.

I got up and drove myself down to a Clinic in Bangsar. A check here and there - Voila ! I had food poisoning and high fever. I was told to stay home for two days. :P :)

A step in the right direction
That's all I needed to take
But try I did to cure my condition
To avoid the Doc at any stake

My tummy bloated ..
I rolled on the floor
I finally relented
I could take no more !!

The Doc questioned me
"What took you so long??"
I replied sheepishly
I thought I was strong... ..
Me and my nonsense..


  1. wow! that was like, ages ago! now only write? tsk tsk tsk!

  2. hahahaha... :D you're a great encouragement ;)

    *hug* you started're my sifu you know. if my blog is pathetic, it reflects on you..kekekekekekek :D kesian me...

  3. Whatever you do..dun treat poison with poison ok..
    Dont eat green mango coz green's raw and thus soury n thus not good for your tummy n thus wont 'take out all the air in ur tummy'

  4. ur post is once a month, and we could jolly well expect one this month eh!? ;P

  5. Thanks for the motivation ! :)


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