Feb 7, 2011

0 Sri Ayutthaya, Wangsa Maju (Pre-New Year)

ArgGHhhhh!!...A procrastinator's favourite expression. 

Only a day left before Jo takes a flight down to our hometown. 

I had to see her, to pass the "ang paos" (red packets) I had prepared for the singletons in our clan. She would be my messenger since I wasn't going home for the Reunion Dinner.

We had arranged to meet at Wangsa Maju LRT after office hours, but my poor sense of direction made it impossible. I gave her a call and we settled on somewhere near Wangsa Walk instead. 

It was also getting late and I hadn't eaten. Hunger led me to Sri Ayutthaya, a fancy Thai Restaurant located just round the corner.

The lack of parking bays at other dining outlets and the thought of tucking in at crowded, greasy open stalls was unattractive to my complaining stomach.

So here's where I landed, with no regrets.

A double-storey restaurant

The entrance

Tom Yam Seafood Soup

Belacan Ladyfingers

Kerabu Chicken feet - an awesome dish

Yam Soft Shell Crab - must try!

Fried fish in Thai sauce

Pineapple Juice (Umbrella not included)

Nice decor

Last to leave, hence the mostly vacant seats

The fountain outside

Jo found me easily enough in the restaurant, devouring my meal and greeting her between mouthfuls....so all's well, all's swell.


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