Feb 19, 2011

0 16 Sierra, Puchong

Land scarcity, these  words are here to stay (no reversal for this one, is there?).

A gated community is the "in" thing these days, no thanks to many horror stories of house break-ins. The buyers preference of living amongst gardens and beautiful landscaping pushes Developers to build with not just security in mind, but with a green concept in tow. No doubt a project that requires more land spread. 

I personally find living between concrete highrises and traffic deadlocks unattractive. It is only the lack of choice that pushes us so far.

So if poor me wants to buy THE landed property of my dreams at an affordable price, then out is the way to go these days. ..like waYyy out... towards Putrajaya...towards 16 Sierra, the brainchild of IOI Properties.

Like here - 16 Sierra Show Gallery
The tip of the iceberg - large area to develop

We (Machoman and I) popped into the show gallery a couple of months ago where we were informed that Adenia and Areca (both Terrace units) had been sold out.

The only available units for sale was for Odora, a 3-storey parkhome / townhouse (Type A/B1), priced between RM400k - RM550k. 3Beds/3Baths. Leasehold 99 years expiring 2109.

The price coupled with the fact that it was a leasehold townhouse in a very new neighbourhood put us off, but since the show unit was a short drive away from the gallery, we made our way there.

GahhHh! Grey, yellow..not a favourite of mine on any building because it resembles the tarred road we drive on everyday, with the yellow lines! I wish they could have been more imaginative in their colour choices...why not magenta or a spot of brick red..

Odora Townhouse

The living area - I got them to pose for us..just kidding

Dining area

Upstairs - nice hangout concept

The Bedroom

Another bedroom - so love those purple pillows

From the balcony, look at the vast expanse
of land being developed
Impressive as the show unit was, the other aspects just didn't make us comfortable. A huge development means on-going construction for maybe years? I just can't imagine how this place will turn out...will it truly live up to its green tagline? 

For the moment, it looks like rows and rows of concrete, at least from this view. I would only think about buying it if it were priced at RM300k perhaps ..lol.. did you just lol at me?

We chanced a stop at the 2-storey terrace units offered at 16 Sierra, though it was already sold. 4Bedrooms with attached bathrooms, priced at RM500k onwards.


Adenia units in a row

Maybe 16 Sierra will be a great place to live in time to come, just not now for me.

Since I'm such a fussy-pot, should I then consider buying an old house in an old neighbourhood? ..But they say nothing beats living in a new house..*decisions..decisions* and it would be great if I weren't so fickle in my tastes.


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