Feb 13, 2011

0 No Happy Valentine's Day for you cos I'm not celebrating it

"Why celebrate Valentine's Day? Everyday should be Valentine's Day!"

If you haven't heard this line to death already, I applaud you, for I am simply flabbergasted with these people and their sense of reasoning.

If everyday's a Valentine's Day, then there's really no reason for you not to celebrate it on this day either, is there? I personally do not know anyone who's really lived up to these words, yet it is so easily spoken.

It's almost akin to saying "Don't celebrate Mothers Day. She should be loved all year round".

Does celebrating on a particular day automatically mean we love someone less on other days? Obvious answer. I can only say that you're probably not used to being affectionate and these words are an easy escape. You would not otherwise, be saying the same line every year.

"Too commercialised!"

Uhuh..so I guess you don't celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year or any other festival. Is there any big festival be it religious or other, that's not commercialised yet? I would love to know.

Let me put it this way, if you're being forced to buy something beyond your means, then honey, the problem's not with Valentine's Day, it's with you.

Just as, if we see someone doing something they shouldn't, it would be really naive to think that they would only be doing it on this particular day, don't you think? 

I celebrate many special days and it has never dented my wallet nor has it made me immoral or lose my sense of right and wrong.

Tomorrow, I'll be having my meal at a fast food outlet with my loved one. No, the price has not gone up or changed. Why not cook at home? Hey, we do whatever we feel like doing on any given day, no special day dictates that.

I will be wishing my loved ones, "Happy Valentine's Day". No, that doesn't cost a cent either nor will it turn me to the dark side. I'll also top it up with a hug and a kiss. I think I just made a bunch of people happy.

Sometimes, I buy a gift. Sometimes, I don't.

What I will not do, is put on a pouty face and go round saying, "I don't celebrate V-Day. It's overrated, too commercialised, we should love everyone everyday", to everyone who wishes me.

Because if you really understand what love is, then you will know it's really not about you and your not celebrating Valentine's Day, nor will you feel compelled to justify it to your friends and family. You would have just wished them back, "Happy Valentine's Day", because they're celebrating it and you want them to have a happy one.


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