Oct 22, 2007

0 The Magic is Lost

My partner has always been a fan of Copperfield. So when he heard that his idol was coming down, he was thrilled.

One fine day, my Mr Gung Ho called me at the office and said, “Ling, I book you 31st oredi. I have bought tickets for David Copperfield..muahahahahaha!!”.

I was dazed and amused at the same time. Dazed, because we had an exhibition to prepare for the next day. I was downright busy. Amused, because I could feel the child-like excitement emanating from my partner.

And then it happened – FBI probe, Sexual misconduct, Copperfield may not be coming after all!!

Don’t be too sad Darling – we can still make it for the Black Eyed Peas concert…kekekekeke ;)


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