Sep 5, 2013

8 Fraser's Hill - Flower Power

If I could rename Fraser's Hill, it would be called the "Land of beautiful flowers". I don't grow flowers in my apartment because I've never been successful at it.

Greens, I have..mostly the money plant. I've given it so much of my attention that it's grown out of my little pot and crawled up to the ceiling. The leaves have flourished bigger than my palm. It's also all over the place *grin sheepishly*

I am no match for the gardeners who tend the flowers at Fraser's Hill....sigh..

Worse, the only flower I can name below is the Hibiscus. That's because it's our National flower. Aahh..but is it important that I know it all. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?


I think this is called the "Bottlebrush" plant ..


  1. OMG, you've captured them so well!

  2. Let me try naming the flower for you:
    1. Shrimp Plant - Justica brandegeeana
    2. Princess Flower - Tibouchina urvilleana
    3. Hibiscus
    4. Dahlia
    5. Bottle brush tree/shrub - Callistemon sp

  3. sadly I never been to Fraser Hill so far :(

    1. I love the place ..but not the winding road :P


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