Sep 19, 2013

10 Happy Mooncake Day!

Pig-shaped Doll Cookie
Today, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The full moon is upon us (does not give you license to howl...really!). I can't seem to spot it though. I've walked to my balcony a couple of times only to see nothing more than a starless sky. The pearl has been hidden by the clouds. May wind blow a path through for me to see.

In Malaysia, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also widely known as Mooncake Day or the Lantern Festival. We celebrate the occasion by giving mooncakes to friends and family. Back in my hometown, it is celebrated with a small reunion dinner of sorts and kids are given battery-operated lanterns to play with. Sometimes we join the lantern procession which is held in town.

Here, it's just me and my other half. We make do by gazing under the stars and sharing a piece of mooncake.

This is what we just ate ~ Scarlet Snow. A beautiful mooncake creation by Casahana. I think it was a brilliant move to put mochi in the center. I love the combination. If I ever, ever, EVER make my own mooncakes, I'm going to add mochi into mine too!

Scarlet Snow ~ Rose Petals on top

Ingredients include green bean, lotus seed and honey

Pomegranate Omochi (red jelly-ish center)
Besides mooncakes, we also had hand made 'doll cookies' earlier in the week. I don't know the significance of these but aren't they cute? It's cheap too, costs just RM3+ with the typical mung bean and red bean paste filling.

Ox - Doll Cookie
Well, that's the end of my post. I'm heading out see if I can catch a glimpse of the moon. Happy Mooncake Day, everyone!


  1. Your moon cakes are so gorgeous. I didn't make any this year. Now, I'm craving for some after seeing yours. Hope you had a nice Mid-Autumn celebration. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, these are store bought. Thanks for dropping by, Amy ^.^

  2. beautiful mooncakes. They are too pretty to be eaten. lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too. It's always such a lively and colourful affair :)

  4. Gosh, those mooncakes are pretty & unique!

  5. I hope you saw the moon. It was gorgeous here! And those little cakes are so pretty and sweet. I can't think of anything here that equates!

    1. The moon evaded this poor soul that night *sniff and sob*


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