Jul 10, 2020

9 An UnpIanned Hair Cut

News of several established companies either closing down or having to lay off employees has pushed many of us to help one another where we can. This is the Malaysia I love ❤ , quick to lend a hand and understanding.

Friends are forwarding messages of this home business and that private seafood seller. I try my best to spread the word and occasionally, I make a purchase too.

Two Sundays ago, I had my hair trimmed at EQ Hair Cut although I had vowed not to go to a hairdresser until we had hit zero Covid-19 cases for a week or so at least, lol.

EQ Hair Cut is run by an affable chap I had met a sometime ago at a quick cut salon in another mall. He made an impression on me when he got my hair done in under 5 minutes. It was the quickest haircut I'd ever experienced!

I am one of those people who start sighing in despair ten minutes into any hair treatment. It's just not my idea of fun. "Hurry, hurry up!" my mind goes. So this was really an exciting find for me.

From that day onwards, whenever I needed my hair fixed, I would look out to see if he was around and aim it so that my turn would end up with this chap. I know I sound like a crazy stalking aunty, lol. You see, they have a queue system in place. I could ask but I didn't want to hurt the other hairdresser's feelings.

All good things must come to an end and I didn't see the chap for a long time. It seemed that he had moved on to greener pastures.

However, fate brought us together again when hubs, desperate for a hair cut one day and for convenience sake, tried out a new salon in a mall where we had just done our grocery shopping. An awfully familiar face was attending to another customer as we sat in queue. Bubbles of excitement burst through as it dawned on me who it was! It seemed that my long lost hairdresser had decided to branch out on his own.

Fast forward today and a couple of weeks into the phase where many businesses have been allowed to resume operations after being closed for months due to covid-19, hubs and I noticed that our regular hair salon was open with nary a customer in sight. Tugged our heartstrings, it did. Before we knew it, we were walking in and getting our temperature scanned. We registered our details, kept our masks on. He had on the same along with a face shield  and protective apron.

Gone the earlier decision to stay away. We both got our hair trimmed that day. It was a relief too. I was starting to look like an unkempt aunty who didn't give two hoots about aging gracefully, lol.

We calculated that the young man would need at least 10 customers per day to cover his expenses and cost of living. The landlord has generously given a 20% discount on rental but almost three months of being closed during the partial lockdown has got to hurt and with business not as robust as before, I can only imagine.

He never mentioned that he was struggling to make ends meet but I know that sometimes, the best people are those who never say anything at all. Well, whether he needed it or not, hubs and I left a decent tip.

EQ Hair Cut
Lot G-41 Tesco Mutiara Damansara
No.8 Jalan PJU7/4
47800 Damansara

Opens from 10am.


  1. Good to know you found your lost hairdresser. With the closing of 3 months, it us understandable on the price hike. It is increase by RM5 when I went to my regular hairdresser. The boys and I went for our much deserved hair cut. I also dread the long hair treatment or colouring. Haha.

    1. We were fine with the increase too. Tough times ahead for non-essential businesses.

  2. hi Sharon, good to see you update the blog again. Show us your new hair cut :-)?

    1. It's nice to be back. My haircut is same old, same old. I should have taken a pic of it before, when it looked like a bird's nest, lol!

  3. No, I havent been to any hair saloon yet. Schools are opening soon, not sure whether I dare to bring my kids to cut their hair.

    1. Steady you, Ez. I would not have either but ended up giving in to my feelings of kesian-ness.

  4. No, I havent been to any hair saloon yet. Schools are opening soon, not sure whether I dare to bring my kids to cut their hair.

  5. You are so lucky to be females as long hair would not spoil the looks. Those men I know looked like beggars and monkeys from Planet of the Apes with long unkempt hair. Muahahahaha

    My wife has been trimming my hair for 18 years!! Recently she has been a barber for her relatives one by one before the govt allowed the saloons to operate again.

    1. Lucky you, TM - you saved a lot of money =D


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