Mar 14, 2020

10 Eats : Nasi Ahmad, It's All About The Gravy

Wednesday, 11th March. Hubs and I had just left Big Bad Wolf Books HQ in Shah Alam, after a tour of the place and to collect one of the best things in life, something that I'd been waiting for since my Birthday in Jan. Aah, but let's not stray. This is supposed to be about my fantastic lunch!

It cost us RM33 or was it RM38, a portion that is meant for four, for two greedy people who overate. We were, however, wise enough to ask for half the portion of rice. That night, we stuck to eating a pitiful small sandwich for dinner.

Nasi Ahmad sells nasi kandar, Kedah style. Fluffy yellow rice topped with splashes of gravy from various pots of curry.  A choice of meat, seafood and vegetables. Normal people pick one meat and one vegetable - hubs and I had two squids, a huge piece of mutton, a thick omelette, chicken drumstick, lots of okra, brinjal and bitter gourd. All I can say is - Hey, it's hard to choose when everything made our mouth water. Standing in line and thinking too long about it wasn't a polite option so we went with 'ok-this-this-this-this-THIS'.

Nasi Ahmad, Nasi Kandar Kedah Style

I was impressed. This was definitely something we would look back upon and laugh about how crazy it was that we wiped the plates clean. It was the most satisfying meal. A very delicious spread. The gravy was really good, nothing that screamed over the top flavourwise. I have only a feeling of I-need-to-come-here-again.  And I will ;)

Nasi Ahmad, The Core Kota Damansara
Rice topped with Gravy, Meat and Vegetables

Nasi Ahmad (The Core)
39, Jalan Teknologi 3/6B
47810 Petaling Jaya
9am - 11pm (Friday closed)

Touristing tip : The chocolate museum is nearby.


  1. I would ask to omit the spicy gravy all over my rice. Haha. Too spicy for my tongue. Lol.

    1. I should have mentioned, Rose. It was only mildly spicy .. I barely noticed. But you can stop at dal curry if you're more comfortable with that ;)

  2. High 5, Angie! The messier, the tastier

  3. The spicy gravy makes it all the more delicious!

  4. I was born in Penang and definitely loved Kedah food esp their laksa. Now this name Nasi Ahmad sounds like a catchy brand that tempted me to visit after the 2 weeks lockdown.

    Happy Quarantine Sharon!!!

    1. They're available on Grabfood, TM. Happy quarantine to you too! Gambatte!

  5. Lucky went eat nasi kandar before quarantine. If not sure I heart sick see all these curries.


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