Mar 31, 2012

4 Lion Girl supports Earth Hour

I have an account with which I haven't used in ages. Today, creative juices were flowing like rivers in torrential rain. ..I cannot draw for the life of me..

It IS Earth Hour day.

Back home, we used to say "Terer or not?" when we're very impressed with our work. Terrer, meaning terribly impressive.

 So ............ terer or not?

Inspired by Lion Girl at


  1. Wahahaha! Aiyorr, you really surprised me lah! So cute! So funny! So you!!! So happy to be back in KL! Dah blogged dah! But belum about my holidays yet! Coming soon.... I promise! Love you, gal!

  2. Haha, if everyone switch off their lights and the computer/TV, we can enjoy the light of the moon, stars and fireflies!

  3. Hahaha..terrer or not, LG.I missed you for awhile! ^.^

    Aww Autumn Belle, that IS the most beautiful thought ever! ♥


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