May 7, 2012

0 I am for unity, not uniformity ..

Birds of a feather flock together. It is my least favourite quote, a grim reminder of racism and extremism, even if it's never used in this context. People of the same kind flock together. Those who differ...well, you know.  These are thoughts of an idle mind. It would be folly for anyone to read on.

If 1Malaysia had to be defined by a murder of crows, there would be no need for the tourism board to advertise us to the world as a multicultural society. A whole race of of sameness, much like the crows. That seems to be what cries of 1Malaysia mean today.

Unity, not uniformity, is my understanding of the slogan but there are instances when it is challenged by news of rough action against those who are 'different' from the rest of common us, the defiling of sacred places, the mocking of religious practices other than our own and, the harsh call for those who question to renounce their citizenship and return to their "homeland?".

They say these are actions of the minority, but how is it then that they seem to be making headway in getting approval for some of their ridiculousness. Our leaders, the ones holding the rein, remain silent and submissive.

I guess there will be no real peace until we all sing the same tune.. from our words to our opinions, our dress and our actions. Only then, can we "flock together".

Variety, it seems, is no longer the spice of life, at least not where I'm standing.

..The light shineth not upon upon these crows who believe they are higher and holier than the rest... That's it! I'm reading too much into this photo.


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