May 13, 2012

0 The Misinformation of Fried Popiah (Spring Roll)

The Taman Tun Pasar pasar malam (night market) is a haven for food enthusiasts. I was there last week and just fell in love with this fried popiah. Shame on this Malaysian for having never tried it before!

I admit that I had my reservations. It was piled high in one of the stalls and looked like the unhealthiest food my eyes had ever set upon. But it went into my bag anyway because I felt like trying something new. Wisdom, wherefore art thou?

I was misled, visually, into believing that it would taste of burnt oil. You must think me mad to have purchased it at all...but it was really beautiful to look at. I guess that played a big part in motivating my actions.
Fried Spring Roll

"Kerrunchhh! Kerrunchh!", my knife went through.

"What the..." I was surprised. What is this new level of crunchiness that I had not experienced in my life before. Some of the ingredients had spilled out. It wasn't appealing.

I breathed in and took a reluctant bite.

"Whoaaaa....!"  I enthused. "Wasn't that just the most delicious thing I've ever eaten." It didn't have that awful taste of oil.

I was so excited that I snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook, glorifying it's wonderfulness to my dear (now, misinformed) friends. The post was liked, commented and shared. All three!

That's bean sprouts, cabbage and carrots

A few hours later and now, you will understand why I say my friends have been misinformed.



I sliced open the other two popiahs and realised..horror, horror ..that this is what it's really supposed to look like inside.

Not burnt.
I'd been promoting burnt food to my friends. Hangus-lar my reputation.


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