May 23, 2012

2 There she goes..

I hang on to things until they go kaput. It's what my mother does and the practice has been passed on. You just don't throw out old things for something new when the old one's not broke.

So I hung on to my trusty old oven although the timer was off by miles and the heat was uneven. I use a kitchen timer to keep track. If I missed the bell, then there goes everything that's in as charcoal it will be!

There was no chance of that happening though. I was glued nearby the whole time. It's just me. I like seeing how things flourish in the oven. Is that normal behavior amongst baking enthusiasts?

It was a matter and time before it gave way and it did. It just went "plinkk!" and "praaacCcKKk!". A burning smell wafted through the air. I switched the electricity off immediately. I was baking a chicken when it happened.

I bid my oven adieu that day...sobs. 

Three weeks of my life was spent in an oven-less state. Can't say I liked the feeling. It left me restless and agitated.



  1. The old ones don't go, the new ones will not come! Haha! Sounded like one of my blog post topic! Different content though!

    Yippy! One new oven coming to your home soon.... ordered by your hubby, yes?! Wink* wink*

  2. SHhhh... secret..secret...! I will reveal my new toy in my next post..if I ever get round to ^.^


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