May 30, 2012

0 Stop Looking At Me Like I'm a Criminal...

Monday, my 3rd day in Midvalley. I should be getting a medal for this.

I stepped into the newly designed Carrefour hypermarket to shop for some stuff for the household. It was impressive. The floors were shiny, the aisles were spacious. I like the whole modern concept except for the arrangement of the shelving units. There were no shortcuts to the grocery supermarket area. It was a long u-turn down.

I was generally fine with the idea (maybe it's one of those so-called things called marketing strategy) until I was informed by the cashier that I couldn't pay for my box of plasters at her counter. She didn't look too pleased about it. Here, I wondered if I should have been the one carrying the displeased look.

Perhaps she had been informing the customers of the same all day, to the blind eye of the Management, who probably thought that having customers pay for their purchases at two different counters is a brilliant idea...really?

Mine had to be paid at the pharmaceutical counter where I had picked the items up. I thought of the great u-turn, looked at was daunting enough to prompt me to abandon it. So I told her to leave it aside because I didn't want it anymore.

With all the items scanned and totalled, I flipped out my credit card to settle the amount displayed on the cash register. The cashier took it from me but gave me the up and down stare after looking at the name on the card.

"Whose card is this?", she enquired. People with Indian-sounding names should only look a certain way, I guess.

Wearing a grin, I told her it was mine. Lucky for me, she left it at that.

If there's anything I learned in life as a person of mixed parentage, it is that it would be a great disservice to my precious time to argue with someone with a funnel view of things. Incidences like these are aplenty and to take them all on would make me an extremely grumpy person. I aim to sprinkle my life with happiness, not frequent eruptions of anger.

Granted, I understand that the cashier has a job to do but I just don't get why people are not treated "Innocent until proven guilty" . Being polite wouldn't hurt either.

Having said that, I will take my shopping elsewhere.


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