Nov 16, 2006

3 Open your mouth and say "aaaah....."

I haven't been to the dentist in years. That's right, I'd rather go through that toothache than have my teeth checked. It's no wonder I have bad teeth. No sane man will fall for a girl with teeth like mine.

I just have this thing about people sticking things into my mouth. I always feel like throwing up, hence the bad teeth. If I had a dentist friend, I'd feel so much more comfortable but I don't. Sigh.....when will I grow up.

Aching Tooth
Aching tooth that tortures me
Give me peace
I beg you please

Sleepless nights, a restless body
One panadol to soothe my pain
Two if it starts all over again

What can I do, what can I do
I hope it all blows over
Before I fall over ...


  1. oit, so long never post? whatever happen to my honeysha?:P


  2. heyyyy Sifu, you're back!!! did you track me down?!!!!

    I've been busy lar...teething issues..who can concentrate on anything like tt?..kekekek :p

  3. migrated the forum to



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