Feb 23, 2008

0 Candy blown into shape!

Penang - That's where I spent my Chinese New Year this year, all 9 days of it.

And it was this time that I chanced upon a Chinese artist in Gurney Plaza..not just any artist, but a candy blowing artist. He blows sticky gooey candy into any shape you want.

How? He rolls it into a circle, starts blowing into it, shaping one part into a tube. And then begins the tranformation with his deft hands, blowing again into the tube when necessary to keep the candy puffed up.

I thought that this would be the perfect gift for each of my colleagues and so, I set my mind into getting a few before I headed back to KL. In the meantime, I bought one for myself - an Ox carrying a Pig. Ox, being me and Pig, my partner.

But guess what happened? Thanks to a heat wave, it all melted in just 2 days...sigh...I didn't even get a chance to lick it.

Watch the video here:


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