Dec 22, 2010

0 A home at Sutera Damansara?

I'm always on the lookout for new property..the home-staying kind. Call it a hobby, an obsession or whatever you like. I just get an adrenaline rush sizing up home designs and their surrounding areas.

And here I am at Sutera Damansara - this was in October 2010...hehe

Type of units offered
Sutera Damansara offers a mixed development of Terraces and Semidees. Whoever named these residences was obviously too "ceRIA" with this God given task. Hence, we now have  RIA, FLORIA and GLORIA adorning the once exclusive Damansara address.

Ria II - What was advertised
Ria II - What they really made
Ria II - It's better than the ad!
It really looks better than the ad.. what are the odds of that? Definitely one of the better ones I've seen, in a fairly neat neighbourhood, near a school.

In it, is a park to cater to the recreational needs of the residents - The Sutera Springs Linear Park.

Sutera Springs Linear Park
Man made river still a work-in- progress

But is it worth the price? From RM500k for a leasehold could be one man's meat, another's poison. 

While Ria II has been completed, there's still a lot of construction work going on for the Floria and Gloria units. 

Location: Near Damansara Damai

To be continued..


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