Aug 23, 2012

2 Snooping the Neighbourhood in Torrential Rain

21 August 2012, 2.30PM - 4.00PM. The rain has been punishing these past days. Hubs and I were having lunch in Kota Damansara when it poured, swift and hard with gusts of wind that serves only to remind me of Mary Poppins floating in with her umbrella.

Raindrops keep falling on my head ♪♫
"Wanna check out Desa Parkcity's roundabout in this weather? " , I ask from a past experience and a curiosity if things were the same.

Minutes later, we were in our car, drenched but still adamant about going to check out our dream neighbourhood in stormy conditions. We also explored the roads surrounding the area. This includes Bandar Manjalara and some of Kepong.

The main roads were generally flood-ridden, even those leading us out of Kota Damansara. I felt as though we were driving through an obstacle course. Every corner was filled with pools of water, some deeper than comfortable.

The more dangerous ones were the sloped roads with rushing water and traffic lights. No one broke the traffic light rules even though the road was flooded. If anyone thought Malaysians were rogue drivers, they would have changed their minds after seeing this phenomena.

Stranded at the roundabout outside Desa Parkcity
Smaller cars owners chose to wait by the roadside against angry honks by those who owned larger vehicles. I root for the sensible. Some drivers braved the waters, only to be stranded.

We are a long way from a proper drainage system and a clear head for the little people.

I just wonder if we should start planning for an underwater city instead.
My statement isn't meant to be taken seriously of course, but it would certainly put an end to flooding woes.

More photos:
The roundabout at the main entrance, Jalan Residen Utama, Desa Parkcity
The second entrance into Desa Parkcity from Persiaran Residen 3, facing Bandar Manjalara 62B
More roads flooded along the way
Jalan 3/36, near SRJK (C) Kepong 3


  1. Nowadays whenever it rains heavily and continuously, I get worried of flooding at home and for my loved ones outside home.

  2. I worry too. I'm terrified by the experience.


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