Apr 11, 2013

4 Environmental Disaster? Us?

The flower coughs, choked with dust
The tractor ploughs, go on it must
Down with the trees, rid the inhabitants
We aim to seize all Mother Nature's merchants

Another construction for Man's enhancement
Another contraption to ease Man's burden
Another mansion to fill worldly treasure
Another destruction for personal pleasure

Greenery toil to keep Earth a peaceful place
Little beings die from lack of breathing space
We broke the circle of life, the unity
Our future will be punished to live with artificial reality..

 © Sharon Das

Note: This was written many years ago for a poetry site.

When we think of environmental disasters, many of us don't see that we are part of the cause. It is easier to point the finger at huge manufacturing corporations in an attempt to cover the fact that we don't seriously care. We loathe to admit that we were the ones who put the dollar down to cut a tree for a piece of paper, to tear the Earth for oil and gas, to produce plastic so we can have new gadgets to play with..


  1. It is the home gardeners and nature enthusiasts who will help to preserve Mother Nature's gifts.

    1. Oh yes, bless them! May more people follow suit. You're doing a wonderful job encouraging so many people along the way :)

  2. Really needs to protect the environment.....


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