Jan 21, 2014

9 Through the blue skies I soar ...

...with the help of an aeroplane..zooOOmm!

Auto-Awesomed by Google+
It wasn't snowing, of course. I was still in sunny Malaysia. When I uploaded this photo onto my blog, it was auto-awesomed by Google+ (a feature that does cool things to your photos).

Home is a two-hour+ flight away. Lucky me was blessed with the window seat. The view is always amazing up here. Imagine seeing fluffy clouds this close!  I snapped some pics because I wanted to remember the feeling.

It looks like a blanket of snow

Above fluffy clouds

How nice if I could fly....winged like the bird. Nah..wingless like Superman.


  1. I also love the view from above when ever I fly!! :)

  2. Very nice views! I wish that I can fly superman too...

    1. ..and if we were blessed with his super speed and strength as well, I can only imagine what's going to happen in our kitchen..lol ^.^

  3. Love the pix! Didn't know about the google feature. Would definitely like to try it out!

    1. It was a random thing. The photo was picked out by Google and made awesome. I've never tried it myself ^.^

  4. huhu why till today I still dunno google plus has that feature
    you must blog about it yeah
    I also wanna know how to make one xoxo


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