Aug 9, 2014

10 My WWE Night

When I heard news that WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) would be performing live in Kuala Lumpur this October, I was brought back to a particular unforgettable life moment.

It was known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) in the old days. I was no wrestling noob, thanks to dad who owned a video store then. I spent my teen years watching countless WWF shows. In 2002, many Malaysians were ecstatic when WWF announced that they were coming over to our corner of the world. My machoguy, who's also a big fan, got us a pair of tickets.

It was a long drive to the venue.

"Ling, got enough petrol?" I began after noticing that the dial was on low.

"More than ... " he gave a passing look at the dashboard.

The night was as exciting as being told that I'd gotten a job promotion. The stadium was packed with gusto-ic guys. People knew the chants! I was surrounded by 'manly' men and in me, was a call to roar along with them. Now, that would have been awkward since I was technically a rose among the thorns!

The show ended pretty late. There was much exciting chatter as we headed to the carpark and soon, a bit of a car queue ensued. We were stuck smack in the middle but managed to drive as far as out of our parking lot. We were inching over a speed bump....and then it happened. The car sputtered and stalled. This was followed by:

Some guys noticed our car trouble. Like super heroes out of a comic book, they gathered around our car. I swear I could've heard one of them say, "Stand back, ma'am. We'll handle this." They were glowing from some sort of wrestlemania adrenaline rush.

They gave our car a heave-ho over the bump. There were waves and claps all round with "thank you, brother!" and "no problem, man!". All a guy thing...and really amusing.

Machoguy started the engine and the car was running again. Thank our lucky stars! We figured out that when the vehicle was at a slant, this caused the little petrol that was left in the tank to roll back. So, we avoided hilly roads and slopes until we filled up. It was a relief that we had enough to get us to the nearest gas station. 

Well, that's the end of my not-too-dramatic night so long ago. We take better care of the car these days!


  1. Interesting and funny story. I would never drive my car till almost E and go fill it up. I have phobia of stalled car although never happen before *touch wood*

    I remembered WWF. Watched with my dad on tv but I am not so crazy about it. Sometimes I think it is just a show. Afterall it is an entertainment. Hehe.

    1. Me too. Last thing I want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. I've lost touch with WWE, but the over-the-top acting is what makes it awfully interesting to watch!

  2. Haha.. I am not a fan of WWE but my nephew is, bought his ticket and also flight ticket all the way from Kuching for the coming show.

  3. WWF! I used to watch it on TV with my father. My fav was Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. hehe, so many memories.

    PS: Glad you got help with your car problems. Lucky you!

    1. Omigosh..Hulk Hogan was my fav guy too! Hah!

  4. that's funny
    but always world is still filled with good hearten persons who are helpful
    offering a hand when people in trouble
    and I think you are very lucky

  5. Gosh, you really surprised me by watching WWF!! You're real lucky to get help on the road, Sharon.


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